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Why Bother Thinking Clearly in a World of Postmodernists?

October 18, 2009

Why Bother Thinking Clearly in a World of Postmodernists?


In the theoretical world, the world of imagination, everything is possible. We can have sugarplum houses and gumdrop trees and street can be paved with chocolate. Any desire can be fulfilled because finally all that restrains us physically, mentally, ethically and morally can be dismissed as being irrelevant. Only personal experience and self fulfillment matter. The only certainty is uncertainty and won’t that make us so happy to live in that state of bliss.


Okay perhaps I am be getting tired of the perpetual reason to avoid any form of reason in favour of raw aggressive argument but somewhere in this Noddy Land there has to be an exit. After a lifetime of being nagged about how there is nothing left to believe in I am still wondering why Big Ears get on my nerves. Yet hey, it is the modern age and we have all grown up to the point that we can now revert back to being self indulgent spoilt children holding our collect breaths and turning blue because someone on the planet won’t agree with us. In short those that do get upset easily say that we must first agree that there is nothing to agree about and then accept the entire list of what is not agreeable. It gets worse. It is not so much a list of what has been destroyed but a list of what is permitted. Everyone has to ride the colourful rainbow or they will chastised by the new enforcers of the undefined but still enforceable laws. Contradictions do not matter as long they support the overall theme that we no longer have a theme. Legitimate points of disagreement are not permitted because the die is cast and the world is undone thusly.


How did Peter Rabbit become an oppressive tale about the exclusivity of middle class rabbits? How did Thomas the Tank Engine become representative of a patriarchal society where male steam engines aggressively blow out steam as they tow passive female carriages about? Poor old Shakespeare, his head is always on the block of condemnation. The Taming of the Shrew is now the crushing of a free an untamed spirit. Is this a dagger I see before me? Is there any real way of knowing whether daggers exist? When considering a manhole do we reach for knife to castrate it quickly, depriving it of any hint of possible offence? Chairmen were castrated years ago to make them into chairpersons. Don’t worry about tradition and culture because they are no longer worthy of saving.


Thinking? What is that? Truth? What use do we have of truth? It has been banished and replaced with personal experience. There is no longer any need for the truth because we now have ‘my’ truth. 2 plus 2 does not equal 4 because we felt sorry for three and five had an unfair advantage. There is only ‘my’ truth and ‘your’ truth but no common objective truth because the world of imagination cannot operate where truth actually matters.


There are those that say everything okay as long as it can be explained. In their universe that may be correct but since we do not live in their universe why should we accept their psychosis? There are some people who suggest that there is no certainty and yet are unable to see the inherent contradiction in such a statement. There are some whose ability to form a logical argument is formed around an obsessive hate of someone or something else. They condemn one set of absolutes by embracing another set of absolutes and yet fail to see what they have done.


Thinking is hard, it requires effort. It is far easier to imagine problems away than to spend hours applying fundamental principles and static laws. Why bother gaining years of training in a discipline when we can imagine that no problem matters? Confused? That is the world where nothing matters and nothing is certain. It is a formless world where chaos rules supreme and the supremacy of self indulgence is god.


To find some grip on certainty is easy. Just hold your hand over a candle flame for an hour and certainty will make itself known.


Truth? What is that? Now where have I heard that before?

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