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My Dogma is better than Your Dogma.

October 20, 2009

My Dogma is better than Your Dogma.

I have a pet dogma.

I raised it from a pup.

It walks around with me all say and I hardly notice it at all.

Yet if it plays up too much I slap with a rolled up newspaper on the nose.

Then it just whimpers for a while before going back to its own happy Dogmatic self.


They say that a man’s best friend is his dogma and I suppose that it is true. What would stay with you after all the abuse you give it? What else would wait by you patiently as you try to solve the great mysteries of life? What else will defend you when you feel threatened by more dangerous dogmas? My dogma is so brave that it would take on a whole pack of wild dogmas if it had to. He is a very good dogma and I am not ashamed to say so.


Yet the other day I ran into some controversy about keeping dogmas. It seems that my dogma was heard barking at night and several of the neighbours complained. When I pointed out that their dogmas also bark at night I was told that they don’t have any dogmas. ‘So what is all the dogma like barking?’ I asked.

‘It may sound like barking to you but to us it is a beautiful song because we don’t have dogmas and therefore they cannot bark.

So I was to keep my dogma quiet because it was interfering with the sound of all the other dogmas (that they insist are not dogmas) from barking at me.


I think that will let my dogma roam free so that he can go where he wants and bark when he wants. Then I will say, ‘But I don’t have a dogma any more, it must be someone else’s dogma that is bothering you so much.’


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