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A Veneer of Education is still only a Veneer. Garbage in, Garbage out.

November 2, 2009

A Veneer of Education is still only a Veneer. Garbage in, Garbage out.


In-depth knowledge on any subject requires years of study and reading through wads of boring material. Monday experts will pop up in every subject matter as long as they think that they use BS to baffle brains. This is a common problem in many professions but most particularly in the technical ones. I have often asked myself when confronted with people who prattle on with the most inane rubbish is do they actually hear what they are saying? Can the make sense of their own circular reasoning and self justifications? I have serious doubts that they can. This makes me wonder as to who they are trying to convince, me or themselves? I suspect that in most cases they are trying to deaden any self doubts that they have in their own minds.


So called computer experts are like flies these days. They know everything, or so they try to tell me and they are very vocal at saying so. Yet when pressed for any real knowledge they seem to become defensive and often aggressive in their rebuff. ‘That is the old way,’ they may say with condescending tone as if the tone itself makes it so. Ego is such.


I find others who live by a certain code of self righteousness and post modern sanctimony often suffer from this same problem. They become instant experts in a whole range of subjects after spending endless hours cherry picking evidence to suit an argument. It may be good high school politics to do so but in the world of grownups where evidence can be chased up and verified it is unconvincing to say the least.


In computer programming they have the term ‘Garbage in, Garbage out.’ I like that term. Whatever you put into program will never be improved by the program. In essence this is exactly what happens in an argument, ‘Garbage in Garbage out.’ If people bring questionable studies, that have not been objectively scrutinized, then the claims will be just as questionable. Sweeping generalization based upon such studies is just more garbage coming from the output. ‘Garbage in, Garbage out.’


I gave up wondering where these nerdy computer experts and armchair network security experts came from. (They come from the ‘ID’.) But seriously in all professions and human activities there is what we call the pretenders who live by a veneer of knowledge rather than by any real professionalism. Such people will eventually find their level of incompetence or worse they will be promoted out of view. Regardless of which the ability to break down a situation in components and analyze each often requires specific skill sets to do so. Mere puffery and bluff may work on people who do know any better but for those that do…


Perhaps a sense of humor is the greatest gift a person can posses because I get endless belly laughs from some the verbose statements that I encounter.


Editorial Comment:

You are talking about me aren’t you? I am not un-edge-a-cated. I can write in three syllables.



Do four syllables give you a doctorate? I am so glad that you have found your calling as a self appointed guru.

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