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I would love to make a serious comment but I am laughing too hard at the moment

November 8, 2009

I would love to make a serious comment but I am laughing too hard at the moment

Respect Mate

Saint Patrick’s Day comes but once a year and so I am told it is once too often. Drunken Irish writers will run amuck and the dreaded Irish will celebrate with dreaded green beer. I am actually being told to choke on it and curse St Pat because he was so busy slaughtering the Druids in his life.

Have you ever had the feeling that the world is being run by a bunch of evil reptilian inbreeds who relish power for the sake of it? Me either. However whenever I am bored I wonder what it would be like.


Gay Penguins are starting parenting and theology classes. We can learn a lot from or animal friends: How to roll over, how stop thinking and use instinct, how to lick our own genitals and eat our own droppings. So when making important life decisions remember that if Monkeys eat their own young why can’t we?

Fake porn picture of Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson for a moment became Pauline Pants Down. Then again it was all fake. So now that it is all fake and proven to be so, that probably means Pauline will increase her vote due to the sympathy factor. Nice going idiots.

Isn’t asexual just another word for frigid? You be the judge.


Some people have become fist mongers of late. They are fishing in angry crowds.


The definition of idiocy is trying to make converts via a blog site. I know you spent hours collating all the evidence and put it together in a way that absolutely convinces yourself but everyone else has the same idea as you.


The definition of imbecility is trying to vanquish enemies via a blog site. “They said you cruel but until now I never knew how cruel you could be.” Get a life, people do not move because someone calls you stinky pants. Rock up to the front door brandishing a shot then they might pay attention. Until then they will see you as just another schmuck on the Net.


What is the difference between the alcoholic in the city who babbles on about conspiracies and a blogger? Answer: An internet connection. You would also be correct if you said that he often makes more sense. Alternatively: he washes more often.


“Oh, I am so morally outraged by this thing I found on an obscure website that no else has ever seen. Though I have dedicated my life to rejecting all morality (as Mad Fred has taught) it really burns me up at the evil that others do. When I say evil, I do not mean evil in a traditional sense but ethically wrong, which is the baddest evil of all. Even though evil does not exist for anything that I do I can still preach to everyone else about what evil is. And this evil that I found I will now blog about in an emotional and unconvincing manner. Why is everyone yawning?” ( No, nothing hypocritical about that at all.)


Who will be the first to admit that they have buyer’s remorse over Obama? “Not me,” says everyone, “because if we do then we will be labeled as racists.”


So Obama is going to close Gitmo and no one is going to prison for torturing prisoners? Why do I get feeling people are suffering from Obama denial?


After months of attacking anything that moves why not rebuild your shattered credibility by claiming that you are anti-racists? Yes that will fool everyone. Especially yourself.

Job Interview transcript:

“You can’t research; your grammar is terrible; your ability to formulate a logical argument nonexistent and you interpersonal skill equivalent to a Tasmanian devil. So why do you think you are suited to journalism?”


“To be honest I am probably better suited to blogging. That way I can pretend that I am a journalist and a great writer and and a scientist and and a politician and and and spaceman and and and a goddess…and and….”


Editorial Comment:

This post was written by a self deluded reactionary.

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