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Dignity – Or why Some Blogs are not worth the effort to read.

November 12, 2009

Dignity – Or why Some Blogs are not worth the effort to read.


You can spot them from a mile away. They stand out in a crowd in the same way an overweight streaker stands out on a cricket field. Initially they are a point of interest but after the third attempt it becomes lame, very lame. You wonder why people are will to rob themselves of any dignity just for a little notoriety amongst a narrow group of drunkards. In the same way you can read posts that do nothing but degrade the writer as they launch a series of blistering and personal attacks.


If you ever wonder what depth humanity can sink to then simply give it a mask to hide behind and suddenly its worst nature can be liberated. People use mask in many forms: they can have uniforms, hats, gang colours, specific haircuts, ski masks and even false personalities to hide behind. The veneer of civilization can easily disintegrate the moment a mask is put on. In the Internet that mask is anonymity. It is the cloak that anyone can hide behind if they so choose. It is also a fortification where someone can strike out at another human being assuming that no can strike back at them. For most people there is a limitation that prevents them from acting in such a cowardly manner. That limitation is dignity.


It may be hard for people who are too young and immature to understand why their potshots, blatant insults and cyber bullying are not responded to with the same barrage of potshots, blatant insults and cyber bullying. The reason why people do not lower their standards to the level of the attacker is because they refuse to lower their dignity and surrender their self respect.


People with so little self respect that they must find targets to attack will find the concept of dignity to be nothing more than esoteric. They may use the word whenever it suits an argument but in the next breath they may launch into a scathing piece of scandal mongering. They show how undignified they can be.


In the world of semantics words can become deconstructed and ruined to fit any agenda. Even the word dignity has taken some perverse twists by people who are pushing an extreme agenda. Yet semantics is not clever. It is a diversionary tactic design to take attention away from failings in a line of reasoning.


It is probably worth noting that dignity requires a degree of fortitude and courage to maintain.

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