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Bohemian Ratbags and other Delusional Types

November 15, 2009

Bohemian Ratbags and other Delusional Types


If there is something that is an inexhaustible resource than it is the desire for insignificant people to big note them self. Not that there is anything wrong with self promotion and selling your finer points. Yet when it goes to the extent of applauding ones own mediocre achievements as if they are of historical importance then self delusion does begin to raise its ugly head. I am not against people being self deluded. In fact I think that there should be more self deluded people. Why not join the rest of the world in the tool bases industries and become a proper tool?


I shall class these people as the delusional types for convenience sake only. Such people have no need of advice or reality checks as the veneer of delusion covers all. Self awareness is merely being aware of how the next self promotion campaign is going. Self esteem and the esteem in which any social group hold these delusional types is directly linked but can often change exponentially according to mood swings. The sensitivity of the artistic and creative minds is always justified in their collection of bile. After all it is duty to deliver that uncalled for nasty comment and because it is their duty to do so who are we to give back some of their own medicine. I for one should humbly beg their forgiveness for not being the doormat of their dreams.


Here are some examples of delusional types who may improve my dreadful way of life.


Self-hating Humans

When I pick the daises the polar bears shudder has been replaced with when I think of voting for the wrong candidate I am mentally murdering polar bears. Polar bears like harp seals are cute so therefore they have superior to human status in the right to live scale. We all know that if one species is cuter, it must be endangered and therefore any less endangered species (like humans) have less excuse to be on the planet. So if I am out in the cold arctic starving armed with a hunting rifle and I come across a starving polar bear it is my duty shoot myself to save the cuter species. Besides we know that humans are just a mistake of evolution that needs to be corrected with severe lashings of guilt and eventual extinction.


PC Thugs

I am not one to complain about being nagged over an endless period of time and with emergence of the Politically Correct (who as their title states are self evidently correct) I am no longer allowed to complain. Minority freaky ideas are no longer freaky because to say so would insult those poor freaks and that is just terrible. In fact my heterosexuality is an affront to everything that they stand for and it also kills polar bears. I never knew that we should not mention the possibility that I do not accept a particular point of view unless I am given permission to do so. Remember the good guys are on our PC side and the bad guys are not. If you have any problems in working at who is who then say nothing until the PC Thugs tell you. Not that they are thugs because as we all know they do know better.


Bohemian Ratbags

In an age where skill, study, practice and talent are despised I thank goodness that we still have the Bohemian Ratbags to rely upon. How else would I know that some thing that I once considered to be a piece of self indulgent garbage was in fact an in depth commentary on the state of the media? The lump of twisted ugly metal is in fact a statement about the oppression of women. The minor credit people have in a hobby film was in fact proof of true potential.

We need more bohemian ratbags because that fills the gaps in history when talented and skilled artists are in short supply. The market for art does not change despite the fact that the supply does. So we are better off re educating the masses to accept whatever crap that is dished up as fine examples of creativity. Where is my cheque book I want to buy a piece of crap now, as an investment.


Smear with Cheer

After a long day of practicing a snorting laugh and contemptuous sneer what else is there to do for eternally unhappy people. They could try to keep their teeth grinding to minimum or they could try to make everyone around them as miserable as they are. Hence we have the greatest delusion of all: the delusion that everyone would be happier if they were miserable. The quickest way to make people miserable is to feed them their cultural icons and heroes back to them as oppressive regimes and devils. The birth of the smear campaign was indeed the greatest invention since the birth of rewriting history to suit a cause.

Why bother with verifiable facts and credible evidence when we have dedicated self appointed spin doctors who can spew for you. It does not matter that these people have belonged to organizations that ideologically oppose their victims of bile; nor does it matter that their career is totally dependent upon dragging down better examples of humanity than they could ever be; nor does it matter that the information is false; wrongly quoted; poorly translated; out of context and bullocks because it suits the smear campaign nicely. Isn’t that what it is all about?



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