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The Fascination with Cults of all Kinds: Part 1

November 22, 2009

The Fascination with Cults of all Kinds: Part 1


A machine that measure nothing


Cults fascinate me in a perverse sort of way. Just like Hitler and Stalin are fascination because of their ability to do so much destruction, cults fascinate me. They are sometimes like watching a horror movie where you know that something is terribly wrong but at the same time you cannot look away. Why is that? Survival skills perhaps? I like to know all the dangers in the world, their influences, their history and ultimately their weakness. How do they think, what are the motivations of their sometimes cryptic words; who founded them and what is their agenda? The study of cults is fascinating because it often reveals things about what their true intentions are. Are they dangerous or are harmless.


The first thing about cults is that they can be anything and have no hostile or evil intent. A sports club can be a cult, a meeting of scientists can be a cult and even a bunch or writers on a blog can also be described as a cult. Also cults do not have to be religious despite many of the most famous being so. You can have political cults like the Nazi Party or the KKK or you can have religious cults like the Branch Davidians or you can have UFO cults like the Scientologists and Raelians. Yet it would be a mistake to equate all collections of likeminded people as being a dangerous cult. ‘Cult’ just being a shortened version of culture or subculture is a neutral term despite being used as an accusation. In an extreme case the Education Systems English Department can be accused of being a gigantic cult. Take any term to an extreme and it can be misused to accuse all science and religion as being a cult just because it has negative baggage in the word ‘Cult’. The question is not whether something is a cult but whether it is a dangerous cult? Yet you will have to forgive me if I do take a little license and use the term Cult to describe Dangerous Repressive Cults or Sects. It is not my intention to confuse anyone.


So can we actual find out if something is a dangerous cult? Perhaps it is better to find out if something as dangerous cult before it is too late. Before you get sucked in and waste years of your life as they slowing bleed you of every cent you earn. Are there warning signs of what a dangerous cult or group is? You would like to know that when you join that management program; visit that meditation centre or go to that political discussion group that it is safe to do so. You do not want to be sitting there for a long period of time only to be subjected to intense harassment to sign up for something that you do not agree with and may cause you untold harm in the future.


Reading through many of the descriptions of cults and unscrupulous groups there seems to be many common warning signs.

The leader of the Cult is the absolute Authority on everything and should never be questioned.

The leader has curtailed all accountability for his actions.

The leader is considered to be godlike.

The Cult operates on blind authority.

You cannot discuss subjects freely as all the answers have already been provided.

The outside world is something to be feared. Often they aliened in one way or another.

The cult members are estranged from the family members who are not in the cult.

The cult members are the exclusive group who will be saved from an impending disaster. This can mean the end of the world, financial disaster, or even war…

Ex members are considered evil, under the influence of demons, brainwashed, possessed or dangerous.

The cult members use internal cult jargon when they speak or write. It is almost like they speak another language on top of English.


The bottom line is that many Dangerous Cults engage in tactics that would make a used car sales person or snake oil sales person proud.

End of Part 1

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