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2 plus 2 Equals 5

November 25, 2009

2 plus 2 Equals 5

Having decided that I am in fact not God after all, I have decided to sort out why such an illustrious role was never given to me. Why can’t I walk on water? Why can’t slip through walls? Why do I always have a remainder on long division? There are mysteries in life that offer no answer and none so great as why I have no control over other people.

Not that I crave such things but it would be nice to once in a while have it. Even on the domestic scale it would be much simpler. “Hey son, did you sweep the floor?” Obviously he did not otherwise I would not ask rhetorically. The answer is one of why the floor does not need sweeping or an emphatic “I was about to.” Either the answer was no. Why is this game played out every night? Why can’t the floor magically sweep itself? It would be nice to be God and have that kind of power over someone whereby the expected is done without question but sadly I do not. QED. I must not be God. Damn reality really sucks.

Why is it also so difficult to get a basic understanding between people about what I say is correct and what they say is correct? Are we both correct? Can two exclusive opposites ever be correct at the same time? In logic circuits the answer is simple: if 5 volts equals a logical 1 then all else must follow. The logic 1 becomes the basis of either being present or not being present thus a logic 0. You have to love binary for its simplicity in showing maths. Brain cells are also logic circuits but the whole brain is never always logical. Why is it so?

A mess of fluid and tissue that is so complicated that no one can fully understand. Even if they could lay out a map of all the circuits what would they really understand? That this logical circuit makes this finger move? Or would they understand who moves the finger and why? Even today we can look at the brain of a person and be unable to point to where that person is exactly. Where is the mind? The consciousness? Where is the actual person that this physical body carries around with it? Is it in the brain or floating a few centimetres above the head?

Without the mind the body is but an empty shell that cannot function beyond automation. The heart pumps, the lungs breath and bowels rumble even when we sleep. Yet the mind exists to drive the machine that carries it. The mind that does not follow the orders of the body so much as the body does its bidding: speaks its words and eats that extra piece of cake.

When trying to convince someone of the validity of a proposal we are not trying to convince the body. We are trying to convince the mind that is not our own. A mind that is free of us and not attached to any physical circuitry that we share.

The mind can exist as if it is not part of the body from time to time: In dreams, fantasies and hallucinations. It can believe in this false reality if the dream is vivid enough. It can, if it wants too, be free of the notion of the circuitry of its physical host. To the mind the millions of interconnecting neurons that cause a finger to move does not matter. What matters is the mind ordered the finger to move and it did move. It does not need to care how. Just move or don’t move, that is all.

Freedom’ is a word that gets over used sometimes, just like the word ‘choice’. How far can we be free and how free are our choices? Are we so free that we can say that 2 plus 2 does not equal 4? The mind does not care if it has never required maths just as it does not care how the finger moves. Yet when projected beyond the normal limits, what would happen if the mind kept on believing that 2 plus 2 equals 5. To the mind it would not matter until it hit an anomaly. Where is my change from the shop? Why can’t I pay the bills? How come the plane I designed crashed?

The mind may feel it is free to do what it chooses to do but there will always be consequences.

2 plus 2 really does equal 5 so long as we are willing to deal with the consequences of such a delusion.

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