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Read Your Headline, skipped the text and Decided to blast you.

November 26, 2009

Read Your Headline, skipped the text and Decided to blast you.

Dear Myapologetics,

Might I say that you out done you self this time. Upon reviewing all the headlines that exist on the front page I noticed you still insist upon being wrong. I did not read the body of your post and decided instead to skip to the bottom and give a piece of my mind.

Dear Myapologatics,

I find that you use of images to make a point to be incorrect. I did the survey in Green Left Weekly on how to asses who is a reactionary and guess what? You are one.

Dear Myapologetics,

Hypocrite. There I said it and so it must be true.

Dear Myapologetics,

By mentioning torture and Gitmo in the same sentence you have shown yourself to be a terrorist supporter. I will now call you a traitor to the Free World and treat you as such. You will be laughing on the other side of your face when your Muslim friends decide to blow you up or crash a plane into your twin towers.

Dear Myapologetics,

Having read your response to another person and having not bothered to read you original post I am in excellent position to call you a misogynist dog.

Dear Myapologetics,

Don’t you realise that there is no such thing as truth anymore and that good and evil are just childish terms. My hero Mad Fred told me that you are the enemy of everything superior. He also said that you should be purified from the Earth to make way for the ‘Overman’. Not the ‘Superman’ as it is often misquoted but the ‘Overman.’ So do everyone a favour and do not make another comment.

Dear Myapologetics,

I have not read 1984 or Brave New World so I am in excellent position of accusing you of trying to create those worlds. As such we feel that you must be eliminated and removed from the Internet with a barrage of banal point and wobbly logic that make perfect sense after consuming Magic Mushrooms.

Dear Myapologetics,

A future based upon pure science will eliminate the rights of parents to impose their evil and repressive teachings upon child. Instead we will have control of what your children are allowed to learn and we will force them to do what we say. Bahahahaha!

P.s: I am not evil because there is no such thing as good or evil.

Dear Myapologetics,

Let me just throw some expletives at you and if you respond then I am going to fling the ultimate defence at you that you are the ‘Though Police.’ Yes I did look up quotes from 1984 on WIKI and that is better than reading the book. Don’t you realise that ‘Thoughcrime’ is evil and you have no right to offer an opinion that differs from what is considered Progressive by me?

Dear Myapologetics,

You are an oppressive person for not totally agreeing with me on this important subject. Your views are directly responsible for the millions of women who die every day. I hope you rot in Hell, even though it does not exist.

Dear Myapologetics,

Hehehe. You’re a poo poo pants.

Dear Myapologetics,

We Rationalists have renamed ourselves the Progressives so that Reactionaries like you know what you are up against. You cannot stop progress, and because we have the name Progressives we must therefore stand for Progress. We are also upset at you trashing of the name Rationalists because despite their mass murderous tendencies (and acts) they were really nice people. I guess you must be happy now that have Lenin crying.

Dear Myapologetics,

‘Imagine… ‘ And that proves my whole argument.

Dear Myapologetics,

I have collected some inappropriate and out of context quotes that proves whatever it is I trying to prove. By putting the ‘quotation’ marks around the words and telling everyone what they mean I am in total control of the future. A future where people like you will not exist. Just think about it, in a thousand years you will not exist. Then I will laugh.

Dear Myapologetics,

We the undersigned have decided to set up a Human Rights Commission to look into possible violations of the Human Rights that say should be defended against the likes of you. As a group of people who have seen injustices from the School Yard to the other School Yard we certainly have the life experience to understand what ‘true’ suffering is. We have decided that anyone who steps out of line is going to face the wrath of our Hall of Justice. There you be hauled before us gagged and made listen to heart breaking stories of some fat kid who was called fat once and how we said that he was only chubby, thus making us heroic in our own eyes. You will hear stories of triumph over adversity like our letter to the editor that was published. (Thankyou Green Left Weekly.) Then you too will understand after an intensive re education that you mind be like putty for us to mould in a new Metrosexual manner.

Dear Myapologetics,

I have your baby pictures. Pay up or else.

P.s: I am not a pervert. I am liberated.

Dear Myapologetics,

Thoughtcrime. I said first so I get to own the word.

Justice: I said it first so I own that word too.

Intelligence: I own that word also.

Science: Mine too.

Logic: I own it.

Ps: I am perfectly sane.

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