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How to Exploit someone to sell an agenda

December 6, 2009

How to Exploit someone to sell an agenda


I have often looked at stories in papers and pamphlets that try to personalize a tragic situation. They often show an individual face and tell the heart breaking story of their trial and tribulations. Then comes the sucker punch, where this is somehow linked to a broader issue of social injustice. People are quick to wrap themselves up in the cloak of martyrdom if it suits their purpose and then attack ruthlessly the next moment. After a while such base tactics become blatantly self serving and obvious to everyone that it is used on. The blatancy is of cowardice and an unwillingness to deal with people on a level playing field. Yet the perpetual victim card can only be play so many times before the image becomes one of a perpetual complainer. No matter we can always extend that victimhood to cover an external subject. Now the complaining is no longer about them but about the injustices that others must face.


If everyone was genuine in their outrage at injustice and had the same definition of what justice is then there would be few problems. However ‘justice’ is a big word and is constantly hijacked by activists and political hacks alike. The KKK has a very different view of justice than the Black Panthers. ‘Social Justice’ becomes even murkier as ideologues fight it out over the list of what is included and what is just a selfish want. Try spending time talking to radical groups who rationalize violence and you will see how twisted logic can become. The disingenuous will always find a way to ride the wave of sympathy on the fuzzy feel good word of ‘justice.’ Something is no longer about a personal selfish want when it is described as being ‘Social Justice’ and a ‘Natural Human Right,’ but now it has new set of clothes. What lies beneath the veneer of moral purity may actually be what others describe as an injustice and hypocrisy.


This desire to climb the moral high ground for the sake of exploitation can manifest itself in many damaging ways. Revolutionary Theology was very once deemed as the savior of South America as it promised to put social justice as the keystone of all action. Yet as it developed there were priests who rationalized killing and civil war. The argument went that because the poor are so dispossessed they have a right to use violence against the state leaders that have no right to retaliate because they are not poor. Another exploitation of the moral high ground is terrorism. Justice is often used as the excuse to take the lives of innocent people. It is all about the ‘greater good’ where the ends justify the means. Mass murdering ideologies like Communism and Fascism live by the rule that ‘greater good’ excuses all behavior and quick to point out how they are the defenders of justice. What really occurs is the exploitation of victims to use as propaganda. All ideologies start out as a desire for ‘justice’ and end up as whole world view. If the ideology resolves the value of a human life the wrong way, then mass grave are sure to follow.


Exploitation of images fills the internet and drape walls with posters and slogans calling for action. If the situation is true there should be no argument over the facts. However the exploitation begins when the images become gratuitously deceptive and one sided. Images of dead children from a war zone often fly around the virtual world with rants about who has committed this atrocity. If a similar atrocity is caused by the ideological friends then it hidden away, denied or ridiculed. This process happens all the time and has become part of the churn public bickering. Ranting on about who is to blame in a situation when all the facts are unknown or intentionally omitted adds nothing to the true picture. Instead it can lead to massive mistakes and over reactions based upon red herrings. We have had city riots caused by inflammatory headlines and we have had murders of lovers over cheap gossip. Yet the people who intentionally publish half a story do so knowing that they are exploiting the situation for personal gain. Some years ago when University student fees were introduced in Australia one peaceful demonstration became violent after a particular organization start shouting that police beating protestors. The follow week the same mob was filmed on television using this same lie to stir up the crowd, but this time they were ignored.


At the decision stages of the first Middle East War there was a story about children being taken from incubators and left to die on the floor by Saddam Hussain’s army. A young female tearfully relayed the message and the heart trenching story was beamed to every home. However the story turned out to be a complete fabrication and the tearful girl just a good actor. The dead babies were nonexistent but at that time it had editorial baying for blood, just like they did for the missing WMD’s.


There are tones of stories that turn out to be false and untrue are eventually exposed. There are others that tell only half the message and intentionally hide the critical details because they do not follow the narrative being portrayed. We also have false Human Rights groups who directly funds terrorists; we have political animals that will use any story as long as it justifies their stance and we have people who cover up the truth for a personal advantage in pushing an agenda. There is a old saying about half a truth; it is also half a lie.

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