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Give me ten noble quotes from ten men and I will find reason to hang them all

January 14, 2010

Give me ten noble quotes from ten men and I will find reason to hang them all


There is no point in arguing with fool says some dead Greek guy because in the end they will call you a fool. There is as also no point in arguing with a bigot because hate cuts deeper than reason.


Hate sites set themselves up all over the internet with the expressed purpose of producing more hate, not less. Now whilst the young and the foolish may think that making snappy diatribes about imagined versions of an enemy. Anyone can open a book grab a few verses out of context and devoid of interpretation then make it prove the opposite of the meaning. “Give me ten noble quotes from ten men and I will find reason to hang them all.”


There are two types of lies listed in Pinocchio: Lies with long noses and lies with short legs.

Lies with long noses are easy to find as the keep burying the person over again but lies with short legs may need to run their course before they are discovered. L Ron Hubbard said in his book on brainwashing that the best way to control people is to lie to them. Lies and control are often so wrapped up in someone’s mind that they will compulsively lie to maintain control over other people. Power is linked to hate when that is the motivation. Lies just become the means to an end that justifies lying.


Any deception is a lie. Half truths are still half lies because they omit crucial information. Hate sites lie either directly or through half truths. They lie because the whole truth does not fit the narrative that they are trying to tell. They lie because a truth that makes the object of their hate seem less than pure evil is of little use to them. They lie because few people want to be on the side of evil and they must seem righteous. They lie to support a narrative that justifies an agenda.


Whilst it may seem like a pure anti-intellectualism and cowardice, this practice is often employed by the unscrupulous to achieve their ends. Courage is not required to tell a lie, but it is to tell an uncomfortable truth. Blood has run free from the veins of those that have dared say that the emperor has no clothes. Kill the messenger for bringing the message. Punish the messenger for ruining a socially acceptable lie with the truth.


Words are easy to twist in a way that only adds to confusion. A deceptive person will try to twist words to force them along the opposite line to what they mean. Whilst the deception is obvious at first, through repetition the words are morphed by reducing and adding each time. Moving a comma can change the whole meaning of statement. Telling the meaning of every word separate to each word and even what is innocent can become criminal and evil: An evil criminal in the same sentence as the innocent. It has a telling meaning.


Two legs are in fact four legs if we say so. Four legs good, Two legs bad. Why, because we say so? A bird has two legs but if we need birds to help in the four legged revolution magically wings are now considered legs. Semantics wins again and the truth is but an unimportant victim. What matters in such logic is not the truth but the narrative that fits the agenda.


Now let’s take the example of a good man who is now upon his death bed. All around say that he was good and those from afar say that he was good. Yet for some reason after he is dead some people start saying that he was evil. Why is he evil? They may point to the fact that this person helped the poor and in doing so he did not let the poor help themselves. Others may say that spoke nicely to others and in doing he did not scream abuse at those who deserved it. Others may say though he did do some good he should have done much, much more. Others may say that because people consider him good he must therefore be evil so they will accept any rumour as true.


The bottom line with such criticism is one of self interest and values based upon what values that critic demands we accepts. Helping the poor is bad because ultimately the critic insinuates that poor deserve no help; that screaming abuse is a good and effective thing; if he has not done enough then by whose standard is it being measured?; the last person is merely muck racking without valid cause. In other words people will engage in character assassination for their own petty little reasons. You cannot underestimate jealousy as the motivation for all these critics. By making the accusation they beg the most obvious of all questions: “And what have you done which measures up to this person?” Nothing? And so begins the possibility of the ultimate lie: “That is beside the point because it is all about them.” It is very much the point if you are going to run around judging people, especially the dead who are in no position to answer back. (The sanctity of the arm chair hero.)


Guilty verdicts that were decided before the evidence gathered are a farce and a travesty of justice. Yet in the court of public opinion where people have dark agendas this is precisely what goes on. They find the ten noble words by ten good men and through perverted logic they find reason to hang them all.


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