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A Frog Living in a Well

January 20, 2010

A Frog Living in a Well

To a frog living in a well the well is the entire universe. The egg is hatched; the tadpole swims around and grows slowly into a frog; then that frog sires the next generation. For generation after generation all these frogs will ever know is the well and that is there only view of the universe.


Not that you can blame the frog because it cannot hop high enough to get out and so all it will ever know is what is in the well or what falls into the well.


Some frogs may suggest an alternative universe where another well may exist but since they are always in this well they will never know. Perhaps there is a place where there is no well. Such a place sounds frightening and fanciful to the frog because all it knows is its well. Perhaps there are frogs of different types with different ideas but this notion sounds frightening if all you know is the well then the unknown must be worse.


If somehow something falls into the well then it must be evil and destroyed because everything good comes from the well. If somehow a frog another well makes it to this well it must be destroyed because it does not know our ways and cannot be trusted.


So I always spare a thought for the frog in the well because its entire universe is high walls, a circle of water and the sky.

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