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Words can be Nectar or they can be Poison

January 21, 2010

Words can be Nectar or they can be Poison

We can always mince words, change words, redefine words until what was said and what is written mean precisely what we want them to mean. Though some people may delight in the attention of those words of poison bring it is nothing more than the narcotic high that will ultimately be self destructive. History is written in words and when combed by those looking for something they will find it, even if it never happened. Choose the words you want, forget the others that matter and suddenly the good are evil and the evil are good.


What is the point of remembering in a way that distorts the truth and perpetuates a lie; to erase one truth with a comforting lie; to poison a memory? Are we better off with this new revision of history where heroes are ‘progressive’ rather than ‘good’ and where the ‘good’ are now ‘reactionaries’? The flavour of such points is not sweet for long. It is an opiate that intoxicates as much as it deludes. To see every person as weapons or any enemy is where the poison does its greatest damage. This poison tars the good to use them as weapons to fling at enemies. They elevate the bad to let them free to do as they wish.


The reason why people poison is to avoid the real fight. The ideas are too great to fight but lie is not.


It is perhaps true that greatest sin is ignorance but to intentionally deceive the ignorant may be one better. Those that know will not be shifted by a few words and those that do not will. Yet where are they going, having drunk from the same poison? Where will they run as the toxins pollute the mind in such a way to suggest that now is the time to abandon all hope? Because without hope there is only rage and anger against that which we cannot change. Yet false hope is offered with words of poison to lash out and do what you would never otherwise do.


The shiftless lies offer no nectar to the mind because they see you as nothing more than a weapon. To be used and then disposed of as soon as it is convenient.


To look at anything, no matter how hard, the truth will always come through and like nectar it gives life. There nothing to fear from the truth and so it must always be sought. Only fear hides from the truth and only lies offer poison.


“I am hoping that some day from among the youths born in South Africa a person will rise who will stand up for the rights of his countrymen domiciled there, and make the vindication of those rights his life`s mission.”

“I came across the poverty, the misery, the malnutrition, the sickness of the black people every day… And that made one`s blood boil. What can one do to help these people? Medicine is one thing – you give a few tablets or a mixture – but it doesn`t go to the basis of the problem. That had a great deal to do with my thinking and I got into political struggle.”


“Men who see far believe that the problems which are connected with the Natives will be the problems of the future, and that, doubtless, the white man will have a stern struggle to maintain his ascendancy in South Africa. When the moment of collision comes, if, instead of the old ways of massacre, assegai and fire, the Natives adopt the policy of Passive Resistance, it will be a grand change for the Colony…

“If, then, the Natives accept the doctrines which are now so prevalent amongst the Indian community, South Africa need not fear the horrors of a racial uprising. It need not look forward to the necessity of maintaining an army to keep the Natives in awe. Its future will be much brighter than its past has been.”


“It will be a mistake. You will be pooling together not strength but weakness. You will best help one another by each standing on his own legs. The two cases are different. The Indians are a microscopic minority. They can never be a menace to the white population. You, on the other hand, are the sons of the soil who are being robbed of your inheritance. You are bound to resist that.

Yours is a far bigger issue. It ought not to be mixed up with that of the Indian. This does not preclude the establishment of the friendliest relations between the two races.”

Source of quote ANC website.


Those who do not know, live in darkness.

Those who refuse to see, deserve that darkness.

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