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Hitchens the Warmonger: And still the darling of the New-Atheist Movement

February 7, 2010

Hitchens the Warmonger: And still the darling of the New-Atheist Movement

We live in a modern age where people come singing the praises of peace and then demanding war. The age of the reluctant hero has passed and the age of the ruthless monster has begun. It is as if we have learned nothing from the last few years watching as the disaster in Iraq rolled inevitably to its slow and bloody peek. No sooner has one war worn itself out than another is brewing. Forward to Iran cries Christopher Hitchens, then on to Korea. As if by some miracle we have now mastered the art of controlling war.

If I see someone making noise that condemns what ordinary people hold to be near and dear then in the next second the same person calls for a new war, I become curious. “Religion poisons everything,” Hitchens claims with endless indignation. He then lumbers on it all the sins of the planet including those committed by those of his own court. Somehow Stalin is a product of religion and not Marxism. How did that happen? He speaks sophistry in a direction that is opposite to common sense and to history. In the Hitchens universe Nazis were not ideological anti-Christs but they were the right wing of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope was nicely giving a nod and wink to them all the way. He offers no proof, no citation, nothing but innuendo and fear mongering. Why should anyone believe him? Since the overwhelming evidence points in the opposite direction we must wonder whether Hitchens either cherry picked the evidence to suit his argument or whether he made it all up.

I am also curious by people who beat their chest and become overnight experts in terrorism. More than that, I it find fascinating when someone suddenly has a one word answer to explain terrorism. The answer for Hitchens is always religion and consequently religious people. Is he insane or just trying to have his own way? You be the judge. He even claims that Hell was invented Christ. I wonder if he has ever read the Old Testament or has he just searched his archive of Marxist propaganda. All evidence points to the later. There is no lie like a big lie… but a big stupid lie? That is just clumsy.

Yet that is not the big problem with Hitchens. His big driving issue is war. He wants another war. He is demanding that we go to war to serve his sense of outrage and all those who do not agree are immoral. Loving you enemy is immoral he says. You need to destroy your enemy.

Are we really ready to give attention to such vulgarities from a person who claims to be of superior moral judgement? Warmonger is not a term that is used lightly but for someone like Hitchens I think that it is underutilized.

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  1. similimodo permalink
    February 8, 2010 4:19 am

    It’s 4.03am in the morning up here in Brisbane, and I don’t usually like Monday mornings or find anything funny about them, because all they represent is the start of another grinding week, but when I opened up this post and saw damodavidsanaladventures, I nearly wet myself. I think I know who the man is (because you told me who he was). Say hello to him for me and tell him, he is a man after my own wit.

    I did actually read the post, and enjoyed it. Hitchens sounds like a complete tosser, and people who find him intellectually brilliant would have to be complete toss bags themselves.

    Living in Australia, as we do, we get up and drive through mainly placid streets, and the closest we come to war is a bit of road rage – someone beating us to the next red light. And so all these people sitting home with nothing better to do than philosophise on life and war-zones while living on Centrelink benefits and a myriad of prescription drugs and alcohol, really don’t know what they’re thinking or speaking about. If any of us were to see someone slaughtered or bombed in front of us, we would all change our minds on war, and go, it’s a terrible terrible thing, because it takes husbands away from their wives, fathers away from their children, etc. And to me, that is an evil thing.

    I’m no moral theologian, but I have read what some of the great theologians have written over the years, including St Thomas Aquinas and St Alphonus de Ligouri. St Thomas Aquinas says there is such a thing as a just war, but it amounts to this. If someone wages war on you (or your country) it is justified that you fight back. That is a just war. But to invade a country in order to pillage its belongings or make some financial gain for the economy is not a just war. And I haven’t seen a just war in my lifetime.

    As Bishop Williamson told all the American seminarians, “Love your country but love it wisely.” He’s a very smart man. He knows that Americans are over-patriotic. Most of them would rather watch Top-Gun than listen to the truth. Then spend the rest of their lives bitching and whining and whingeing about Tom Cruise’s acting skills and what a load of garbage Scientology is, rather than go, Our country is stuffed.

    Well, that go me up and running for the day. I might come back later and write a comment about the post itself.

    David …


  2. February 8, 2010 1:18 pm


    Thanks for your comments.

    4.03am? You have a dedication to writing that I find remarkable.
    I went to be at about 11pm last night which shows how much stamina I have for the virtual world.
    “damodavidsanaladventures” has been deleted so I guess you comment may seem a little odd for future readers. It onlky goes to show what lengths people will go to when they have an empty life. From government handout to government handout. No wonder such people are so filled with self hatered that they need to project it onto others.

    Speaking of tossers, Hitchens is one with a capital ‘T’. He is like a dog barking at the moon. No matter how hard the dog barks the moon never falls.


  3. December 4, 2011 3:27 pm

    It’s funny how videos of his pro war rhetoric leading up to the invasion of iraq and justification of war on Youtube have comments disabled now. I remember even after two or three years into the illegal invasion, people were cheering him on his videos and commenting / dismissing the dissenters who were present at his speeches (as well as any anti-war demonstrator) as “leftists, jihadist apologists, pacifists”, inconvenient – as history proves the war was indeed a waste, nothing accomplished, increasing hatred towards the west in the region. History proves the people were lied into believing WMD existed in iraq and ties with alqueda. Blatant lies that the gullible chewed up. Fanboys of hitchens dance around this topic. He should stick to bashing religion and stay out of politics all together. His fanbase as with Dawkins are just as rabid as the religious extremists they love to belittle and demonise.


    • December 4, 2011 8:32 pm

      Myke Bulvai,

      Thanks for your comments.
      I do remember Hitchens vitriol before the Iraq was and his smug dismissal of all his critics even after WMDs were never found. “Pant on fire” was his most memorable retort.

      As for him sticking to bashing religion? I really don’t think he is very good at that either. His arguments seem to rely upon tearing apart very feeble straw men. It only impressed the easily impressed; convices the already convinced and gives his groupies another fanzine.



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