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Should the Jedi Movement be Crushed? Metaphorically speaking of course.

February 9, 2010

Should the Jedi Movement be Crushed? Metaphorically speaking of course.

On the Australian census the number of people who declared themselves to be Jedi’s outnumber the number of people who declared themselves to be Atheist’s. In fact, the number of Jedi adherents have increased in numbers beyond what many religions that have been established in Australia. Like it or not the Jedi have woven themselves into the fabric of society with an exponential growth. One must ask the question as to whether this is good for society or are there any dark consequences.

There are many practices about the Jedi that may seem attractive, even peaceful to the outsider. Yet how does this compare to a closer examination of what they believe and how they behave? Furthermore since they are part of our society we must understand where they actually pose any dangers to the rest of us.

Let us look first at the belief system of the Jedi.

The Jedi are of the opinion that a mystical force called The Force has a grip over the entire Universe. This permeates through all living things and has a connection to everyone. The force is uneven and unequally distributed to the intelligent life. Darth Vader remarks how ‘the force is strong in this one…’ This indicates that the religion is trying to impose a societal norm where some Jedi are superior to other. Essentially it is flies in the face of the notion of equality and creates elitism. Those have more force become the elite Jedi Masters where as those that that have less are not even given a chance.

Jedi Ethics

The belief structure of any religion or ideology for that matter is what drives its ethical decision making. Working backward we can also see by the decisions Jedi’s make how the ethical processes work in the real world. Unlike most religions that advise against calling upon a higher power to intervene in every human affair the Jedi call upon the force all the time. ‘Use the force Luke, Use The Force.’ It is as if a person with superhuman supernatural powers needs reminding to use his powers or he will forget to. It could actually be argued that the Jedi need to keep reassuring them selves that they are superior to themselves.

The use of the force is also questionable because it is an unfair advantage in a fight. The rules of engagement are hopelessly unfair when every dispute a Jedi can use the force. You can see how they use it to control the minds of others. Obi Wan used The Force to control the mind of a storm trooper to let him pass a check point. The Force was also used to move objects in a way that break the laws of physics. Luke used it to make his light sabre fly to his hand; Yoda used it to lift an X-wing fighter out of the mud; Obi Won was able to use the Force to make robots fling across the room and break apart.

Jedi’s are essentially prone to violence and evil.

If there is any doubt over this fact then you need only ask why they have reason to carry a light sabre where ever they go. The Jedi receive this weapon even before they complete the training on how to use it. When Luke Skywalker rocks up to Obi Wan’s cave he is promptly given the buzzing death stick without so much as a ‘Be careful where you use that Luke.’ Later in the bar Obi Wan lobs off the hand of an alien in a bar room brawl. He does not wait to see if the creature needs help; he does not call for medical assistance; he does not show any empathy at for his victim. Instead he continues to negotiate with a local smuggler to escape the legitimate rule of law.

Luke’s training consists of little more than weapons training and speeches that demonize ‘The Dark Side’. The logic of the Jedi has no absolutes because as Obi Wan says: ‘Only the Dark Side Speaks in Absolutes.’ Yet at no stage are ever able to work out why the Dark Side is evil except for the fact that the Jedi say it is so. Despite all their fortune cookie philosophy the Jedi are nothing more than armed enforcers willing to kill fast, often and without conscience.

Jedi Logic is also crank logic.

So Luke is told that his father is dead and so is trained in the skill of the Jedi to kill Darth Vader who is accused of the crime. Pure and unscrupulous manipulation? I think so. Yet by the time that Luke learns the truth that his father was not murdered and that he had been tricked into this assassination attempt he is so confused by the Jedi indoctrination that he does not know who to believe. In steps Yoda to pleasantly manipulate this poor fellow and with help of the ‘hallucination of the Dead Obi Wan’ and send him out to kill again. What did this ‘ghost of Obi Wan’ tell him? It is all matter of viewpoint. What arrant nonsense. A clearer mind would have realized that he had be deceived and promptly remove the evil Yoda from circulation. Yet Luke is such a manipulated state that he goes off to obediently kill again.

What can we say about the Jedi that has not already been said.

They are a pest and disease that should be wiped from the collective psyche of the modern world. They are deceptive and evil. They do have dark practice whilst calling their detractors ‘The Dark Side.’ It would be fitting if this remnant of a more violent age would just fade away but as the latest census indicates, they are growing in numbers.

The only we can ever hope to be free of this menace is to exclude the Jedi from society. Films, Images that promote Jedi propaganda should be destroyed. There icons in the form of action figures should be crushed and melted down. Then we can all look forward to a brighter future that is free of the constraints and influences of the Jedi.

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  1. jedischool permalink
    February 10, 2010 12:09 pm

    Obviously, someone who hasn’t actually *looked* at what the Jedi movement believes (which isn’t all the same as what the films say).

    Do a little research, then you can actually sound like you know what you’re talking about. Until then, I have to “fail stamp” this load of rubbish.


    • February 10, 2010 1:54 pm


      Thanks for your comments.

      The only Jedi Movement that I am officially aware of is the one that is in the STAR WARS films and is the creation of George Lucas as a plot device. I am criticising them.

      There may be other groups who have decide to use the name ‘Jedi’ after seeing the films thinking that name is really cool. As such I would argue that I can call anything Jedi (including a cook book) and thereby requesition the name for my own purposes. Just because I have a number plate that says Sith it does not make me a Sith.

      Thanks for dropping by to challenge the dark side of the Force.


  2. ionzone permalink
    March 18, 2010 9:40 am

    Jedi is just the Hollywood version of Budhism when you get down to it….


  3. March 18, 2010 10:09 pm


    Thanks for your comments.

    I not sure that George Lucas took the Jedi as seriously as some of his fans did. It was plot device as far as I could determine


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