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But without Love we are nothing but Machines.

February 13, 2010

But without Love we are nothing but Machines.


A rock can exist without purpose or reason for itself.

Are we nothing more than rocks?

A man can exist for himself and deem himself to be God and be destined to be alone in an imaginary universe of his own creation. Existing, but not knowing more than numbers and words to communicate. People can exist and function in society bringing forth creations and wonders to solve problems. It functions and grows to produce another generation that functions and grows to produce a generation after that and after that and so forth. Yet what is it doing if only to produce inventions and future generations to use those inventions? It is a machine that knows not why it exists except to exist for the purpose of existing.


We can create art and music to entertain us to fill in the gaps of times between functioning to produce another generation. Are we just machines that becomes distracted and cannot focus upon what is required to produce the next generation? What is the purpose of something that functions as a second agenda? It is an error.


We can ponder the great wonder of science and what piece of dust is connected to what piece of dust. We can find the truth of how this machine that we exist in, this universe, functions and turns like the wheels in a complicated time piece. Yet all we can hope for is to make the machinery work more efficiently. An efficient machine that functions and produces generations to function without reasoning as to ‘why’ is still a machine. A machine that counts beats until the moment of its death and collapses into nothing. When such time occurs it will be as if the machine was never there; never functioned and never mattered. Not one speck of dust will exist to recall why and how we lived. Not one point of difference will be made for all our efforts. In the end all machines, even the universe will slowly wind down and cease to exist.


The pleasure of existing only distracts if all it has is a distraction from the machine that is destined to die.

What does it matter if a life passes through the turn wheels and clock springs of the universe? It is just another cog that has no reason to exist except to keep the machine running. The cycle of mating and pairing is only to produce more cogs for a machine. More little machines that will replace old machines to produce more cogs and so on… For what purpose? To eventually run down and die as the universe shall one day die? To be gone forever?


The heart beats, the blood pumps and the mind will arrange grand designs and solutions that are only to make the machine work better, a machine that is destined to run down and die.


Without love a heart is a clock counting beats until death.

Without love a life is nothing but a machine that will one day run down and cease to function.

Without love we are just machines and the ghosts the haunt them.


In all the terrible things that have been done;

In all the wars that been created;

In all innocent lives taken;

Only love stands out to justify why we exist and without it we are just machines.




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