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Jobs that are never advertised but you really want.

April 1, 2010

Jobs that are never advertised but you really want.



How does someone apply for the job of anti-smoking nazi? I have never seen it in the job pages. I went to the official nazi web site and they did not have a policy about smoking. Unless it was smoke coming from what they call the inferior races, then they were in favor of smoke. I thought I would try the police force and see if I could get a job in their antismoking squad but they had never heard of the smoking police. They asked if I was interested in the anti drug squad but I declined. Sadly there seems to be no place for an anti Smoking nazi in this world.


My next ambition was to be a career protester. It sounded exciting and I have seen so many on television. You get to wear masks, white overalls, have fights with police and even to get to be on television. I really like the dreadlock haircuts and the raggerty clothes. They suit my style. I really like the position of the guy who always screams and shouts slogans as the cops throw him into the back of a paddy wagon. However despite contacting every radical organization in the book I could not even find one that was willing to pay me. They were happy to ask for money and make me work for no pay. What do they think I am? A fair days pay for a fair days screaming. However there was one group that offered me twenty dollars to wear this heavy vest with wires and a button that I had to push when I got close to the PM. They said it was a magic jacket that made a magic protest. I asked for more money but they said that would call me back.


The Fun Police sound like it is the greatest job on Earth. It has authority over every grown man I know. When I am out drinking with my friends several have to leave early because the fun police will catch them. What do the fun police do? I am fascinated.


Spin Doctor? A doctor that actually spins would be an amazing site. Then again I think it is the doctor who does the spinning, making a career from dizzy patients. I wonder what illness they treat.


Still I am fascinated with what jobs are out there that we can apply for.

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