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How to write a Post with Vitriolic twist to it.

April 21, 2010

How to write a Post with Vitriolic twist to it.


That is easy just put the object of your hate in it.

Pick a group from our selection: Muslims, Christian, Buddhists, Hindu’s, Catholics, Blacks, Whites, Yellows etc. It does not matter who just pick someone.

Pose a rhetorical question that has nothing to do with the subject: “I wonder what those (object of My hate) people think about the fish in China?” Remember if the question does not already presume guilt then you have not written it properly.

Never seek an answer from a reliable source. We have the internet now. Google it or quote from emails.

Never do proper research. Far be it for you to waste time checking all those things you call facts.

Insinuate that if the object does not agree with you on one issue that they are hypocrites for agreeing with you on another issue.

Then pretend that it is only an irony. “Agenda? What hidden agenda? It is all the object of my hate’s fault for not doing something about the fish in China.”

Above all passion. It must have passion to sway the hearts of millions and appeal to minds of none.


Clever no?



But at least you are well on your way to the next career move as a talk back radio host.


Editorial Comment:

‘Damo you are such an egomaniac and hypocrite for writing this.’


‘No more than you Damo.’

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