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Catherine Deveny is a real Twit and now she is sacked.

May 5, 2010

Catherine Deveny is a real Twit and now she is sacked.

If you want to pinpoint what is wrong with The Age newspaper in Melbourne then you need look no further than Catherine Deveny. Self proclaimed edgy, dangerous, writer there are few things that she writes that does not offend someone. However now Catherine Deveny has been sacked from The Age and as a result its intellectual bar has been raised exponentially.

Admittedly if you were extreme leftwing, (I mean so far left and liberal that you make Karl Marx look middle of the road) Deveny would make sense. Also if your sense of humour or taste has never been underestimated then you may actually find her dribble somewhere between amusing to riotously funny. Thankfully someone as The Age Newspaper is not such a complete philistine that they would let comment like this go unnoticed:

Later she writes:

Here is a sample of what Ms Deveny considers to be worthy comment:

Bindi Irwin is the 11 year old daughter of the late Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter).

Rove lost his first wife to cancer and this remark appeared to be incredibly callous.

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In response to her sacking Catherine Deveny is unapologetic. ABC Radio 774 interviewed her with regards to this news. Here Catherine emphasized that she tells adult jokes and claims that she was sacked for swearing on twitter. At one point she claims that her comments about Bindi Irwin were meant to be taken as having a positive message. Her real attitude is that she is just too dangerous for The Age newspaper and they got rid of her. Unfortunately Catherine Deveny just does not seem to get it. Would she be so flippant with her comments about Bindi if her father Steve Irwin was alive?

Editor-in-Chief for The Age Paul Ramadge does get it and finally dropped the axe on her vitriolic career.

“We are appreciative of the columns Catherine has written for The Age over several years but the views she has expressed recently on Twitter are not in keeping with the standards we set at The Age,” Mr Ramadge said.

The only question is what took them so long to come to this revelation. Perhaps the rapidity of the sacking indicates that she had been in the gun sites for some time and her latest controversy in Twitter gave them the excuse. Perhaps there are people who find cheap insults to be some kind of wit and others who think that contempt an expression of superiority but I cannot help but think that such people are a tiny vitriolic minority of society.

And for those that wish to relive her precious gems here is a link to her columns on The Age website:

Soon they too will thankfully fade away into history and be forgotten.

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  1. similimodo permalink
    May 6, 2010 8:59 am

    Dear Damo,

    The Age has standards?

    This whole sacking debacle sounds strangely familiar. What was the name of that blogsite again? Orble?

    I haven’t been commenting much lately, because I’ve just been through another ‘sacking’ of my own.

    I was sacked from my postie round by two Asian/Australian contractors, because I refused to pay for postie bike repairs (their bike’s gearbox shit itself, and they expected me to pay for the repairs, when they only pay me a pittance, and reap the cream from the top of the contract).

    Anyway, the Sri-Lankan/Australian Mail Centre Manager, sacked them, and asked me if I wanted to take over the contract, because in the 4 months I was doing the round, it went from being the postie round with the most complaints in Australia, to a postie round with no complaints at all.

    There really is a God of justice. I am still so numb. It’s the first time in my life I’ve been sacked and reinstated. I’ve been sacked plenty of times (or quit).

    Teresa says hello to you and your lovely wife.

    David …


    • May 6, 2010 2:51 pm

      Good to hear from you again.

      That is one hell of a story you wrote about your job. However it seems to have turned out as it should. The evil masterminds are vanquished and you are restored to former glory.

      I have very little interest in anything at Orble anymore. The intellectual bar on that site has dropped below that of an advertizing blitz. Nothing left but film reviews. ZZZZZZZZ. I guess that is what you get when you think that good writers live off the cheers of a few try hards. Most of the people with tallent left Orble long ago and the rest will eventually leave or wtch their writing skills drop below kindie level.

      Any way The wife says G’Day to you and Teresa and hope you are both keeping well.


  2. samaritan24 permalink
    May 6, 2010 9:09 am

    I don’t like Catherine Deveney at all. There are better ways to be funny than trying to shock people. And I think she’s wrong when she calls it ‘adult humour’. Seems more like adolescent humour to me.



    • May 6, 2010 2:57 pm


      Thanks for dropping by.

      I am still trying to work out which demographic from Deveny even slightly funny.

      I always consdered her the black hole of extreme ignorance on The Age. Unfortunately she could be replaced with someone of similar ilk.

      However for a time a break from unfunny insults and lame insinuations may actually boost sales for The Age.


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