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Green Left Weekly and its Tacit Support of Terrorism

May 8, 2010

Green Left Weekly and its Tacit Support of Terrorism


There is probably no point in going to the editors of Green Left Weekly and asking them to explain their editorials that appear to blindly support causes that the mainstream may find baffling. The main reason why I think this is because of who they are and who runs their agenda. ‘Green Left Weekly’ is a publication produced by the small but noisy group of activists called the ‘International Socialists’ (IS). Originally the magazine was called ‘Direct Action’ but with the collapse of the Soviet Union they found that recruitment was dwindling. So, they rebadged ‘Direct Action’ magazine to attract Greenies and feed them a steady diet of Socialist manifestoes with a side order of synthetic Green salad. It is probably worth covering the history, practices and the numerous front organizations of the ‘Socialist Alliance’ in a future post but for now I will leave that matter alone.


However their current self promoted image of being defenders of human rights and the down trodden is nothing more than a farce when they openly support terrorist organization.


On October 30 2008 the film screening of ‘My Daughter the Terrorist’ was organized with the ‘Socialist Alliance’ in Melbourne. The film can best be described as the journey of two young women as they prepare to become suicide bombers. Critics have slammed the film as being nothing more than the justification of using terrorism and glorification of suicide bombings. The Australian tour of the documentary was fully supported by ‘Green Left Weekly’ and also invited a guest speaker from Tamil Eelam Women’s Organization (TEWO) Mano Navaratnam. The same film is also being advertised by the LTTE (Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam) terrorist websites and is being used firstly to raise funds and secondly as hardcore propaganda. Mano Navaratnam has also written a book called ‘Prabhakaran: A leader for All Seasons.‘ ISBN: 9780646434292. The promo for the book reads: “This album book pays tribute to Prabhakaran, a unique leader recognized as a legend in his own time, who has restored the identity, integrity and dignity of the Tamil Nation. These are glimpses of the man behind the leader.” There is no mention of the fact that Prabhakaran is perhaps the most dangerous terrorist in the world today.


If the distribution and promotion of a pro terrorist film could be just naivety or ignorance it would be almost forgivable. However the theme of ‘Green Left Weekly’ toward the entire civil war is being framed in the precise words that the LTTE propaganda is using at this moment. The Sri Lankan Government is accused of committing ‘Tamil Genocide’ rather than the nation being engaged in a civil war. ‘Sri Lanka: Genocide against Tamils’ written by Tony Iltis 17 January 2009 claims that the LTTE are the sole defenders of all the Tamil people but conveniently omits any mention of their crimes. The history portrayed by Mr Iltis was distorted to the point of deliberate ignorance as he creates a cartoon version of history where the good LTTE terrorists verses the pure evil government. “Torture, rape and random killings have been perpetrated by the military and pro-government paramilitaries,” Tony writes but at no point does he tell the reader that the LTTE are also guilty of same atrocities against Sri Lankans (most of them Tamils).


Again on 23 Jan 2009 we have a story titled “Sri Lanka: Genocide of the Tamil minority,” by Brian Senewiratne. In it he accuses the Sri Lankan Government of embarking on genocide against Tamils. Dr Senewiratne is a well known supporter of the LTTE and features his articles on LTTE websites and sites with close affiliation with the LTTE. He also promotes himself as an active member of the Socialist Alliance.


Moving across to ‘Green Left Weekly’s’ sister site the ‘Socialist Alliance’ we have an article calling for charges to be dropped on two people: Aruran Vinayagamoorthy and Sivarajah Yathavan. The Australian Federal Police claimed the men provided “significant” funds as well as electronic and marine equipment to the Tamil Tiger (LTTE) terrorists. These are serious charges made by the Federal Police that do warrant being tested in a court of law. We do need to know whether the two accused have been deceiving people into financially supporting terrorism rather than helping people who were left destitute by the 2004 Tsunami. The fallout from this story was the inability for legitimate organizations to raise fund for genuine projects. However for the ‘Socialist Alliance’ this little detail does not matter because they were charged under the ‘new anti terror laws’ and must therefore the charges are illegitimate. The Socialist Alliance’s justifications for the men’s alleged action requires some strange logic to accept: “…those who use this term (terrorism) always ignore the state terrorism perpetrated on the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan government through its armed forces …” In other words even if the two men were funneling funds and equipment to the LTTE it is not really aiding terrorism. Why? Because the ‘Socialist Alliance’ says the government started it therefore the LTTE terrorism is excusable.


It may be difficult to understand why any organization would offer support for a prescribed terrorist organization, in particular the same organization that invented the suicide vest and exported that technology to other terrorist groups. However this is the situation. People often wonder how terrorism finds support and is able defy efforts to weed it out. It is perhaps a telling indictment that the people who run ‘Green Left Weekly’ are so willing to offer editorial and material support to a terrorist organization in full view of the entire Australian public. However people can often be blinded by the false belief that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my ally.’ For the hard core ideologues running ‘Green Left Weekly / International Socialists‘ ie: the ‘Democratic Socialist Perspective,’ this is business as usual.

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