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And winner of the debate is…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

July 26, 2010

And winner of the debate is…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

What are they saying to each other? “Your suit is more boring than mine.”


If there was colour that would represent the debate it would be beige (a dull lifeless colour that neither stands out nor contrasts with anything). You can use it anywhere to cover any big empty space and it just blends in. The essential problem with beige is that is so boring and lifeless that it lacks any identifiable character.


I am not sure whether we could call the debate between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott a debate or a joint sales pitch. I had the distinct impression that some where I in all this spin I was going to be sold the Amway Dream. If only I too could believe, I might just make it to the dizzy heights of owning my own network of tooth paste and soap powder sales agents. The night was dull, very dull. So dull in fact that the most boring speaker in Australia, Bob (err… umm.. aah) Brown, tried claim that he won the debate despite not participating.


What was this whole debate about? Why was even on television? Did I become more familiar with the policies and the direction of each of the candidates? There was no real scrutiny, now hard questioning and definitely no vision for the nation. Instead were shown a discount war on how cheap either side will offer themselves to the electorate. At any moment I was expecting one of the two opponents to say, “…but wait there is more. If you call now we will also throw in this set of steak knives.” So much for anyone’s hopes for nation building and our place in the future; the minders and spin doctors have taken over the show. This is not a good sign of things to come. The only thing missing was the swim suit competition and being crowned as Mr or Ms World.


I cannot find inspiration in the small narrow visions from smaller narrower minds. Yet this is precisely what was being offered. Less population, smaller growth, use less, keep those nasty boat people out, put them in Timor, put them in Nauru, it is all about the processing and let forget the past. The party that promises the least seems to think that they are the party that has the most to offer. It was the most uninspiring contrivance of over rehearsed sound bites and exaggerated body language in the history of debates. It was as if the two leaders were in separate studios addressing separate audiences. At no point did either of they appear realize that the other person was there to be challenged and debated.


However this the new age of modern politics where image is everything and substance is nothing. The two leaders looked so afraid of putting a foot wrong that they decided to do nothing. Is this what really happen when politicians are cut off from their PR wet nurses? In just one hour all we saw were the mindless repetition of the last phrases they were fed by pollsters and focus groups. There was nothing in this that would inspire me to run down to the polling station on Election Day with sense of glee. Instead I am staring at the beige painted election and wondering why no one had put any effort to give it some colour.

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  1. similimodo permalink
    July 30, 2010 7:17 am

    Dear Damo,

    Forget about apologising to indigenous Australians for the stolen generation. It’s high time our politicians said sorry to me for trying to steal my intelligence.

    David …


  2. July 30, 2010 7:59 am

    Thanks for your comments.

    You are right. However I don’t just blame the pollies. The press who keep swallowing spin are equally to blame. Worse still the ones who praise the leaders for the quality of their deflections, redherring and spin are encouraging this race for the bland.


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