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Anyone would think that it was a Soap Oprah instead of an Election

August 8, 2010

Anyone would think that it was a Soap Oprah instead of an Election


Ordinarily I would let most elections pass with minimal comment. People have their own partisan view and who am I tell them what to think. I might make a few observations along the way and let the chips fall where they may. Eventually we all grow loath who is in power. An election is usually just a used car sales pitch where we are being shown the latest model only to realize that it does not match the brochure.


One of the best ways to sell a dud product is to appeal to emotion. Whether that emotion envy, jealousy, love hate or fear it does not matter. All that really matter is that the small part of the human psyche used for critical thinking is bypassed. Hence we have an overreliance on the sales pitch, spin and propaganda.


The problem for poor electorate is that ‘we’ really only want a good government. In lieu of that we can always be entertained by imagining what is really going on.

Here is my take:

Kevin: Oh Julia, why did you strike me down when I loved you so much.

Gillard: Shut up Kev, you’re just an election prop now.

Kevin: But I used be your boss.

Gillard: I know Kev, but now you are a loser. So just help me point at map for the photo ops.


Latham: Boo!

Gillard: What a funny clown.

Gillard: There, there, Latham you poor boy. I am PM and you are just some pathetic pretend Journo. …Loser…

Latham: Well at least my bum doesn’t look big in everything. And Kev’s a dibba dobba. So suffer in your extra large jocks.



Abbott: Let’s have another 2 debates.

Gillard: You have to be joking Mr Rabbit, I am so far ahead in the polls I don’t need to even look at you.



From Buggery to Smuggery.

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