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Now Bob Brown starts to flog the Euthanasia Dead Horse

September 20, 2010

Now Bob Brown starts to flog the Euthanasia Dead Horse

20th September 2010

Perhaps I wrote yesterdays post too soon because no more than 24 hours later and Senator Bob Brown of the Australian Greens has launched himself into the euthanasia debate. He is calling for the Australian Territories (ACT and Northern Territory) to have the power to legalize euthanasia. His excuse is that it will bring the territories in line with the states on this matter.


Several years ago Northern Territory became the first place in Australia to legalize euthanasia. That bill was then overruled by the then Howard federal government leaving many euthanasia activists angry that their plans were quashed. Some years after that Bob Brown tried once again to push for the Territories to have the power to legalize euthanasia.


Bob Brown is at pains to frame the issue in terms of only giving the states the power to legalize euthanasia, not actually legalize it. However why Bob Browns see this as the top priority betrays his real ambitions to see euthanasia legalized where it can most easily pass through a smaller parliament, such as those in the Territories.


Editorial Comment:

The reasoning of why it would be inadvisable to allow euthanasia in the Territories is related to the legal minefield that it in turn creates. If only the ACT has legalized euthanasia due any electoral oddities but all other states do not then we have the risk of creating euthanasia tourism. Or murder and suicide being redefined based upon a person’s geographic location. The situation is fraught with legal inconsistencies and other kinds of madness.


Bob Brown has long had euthanasia as a key stone of his polices. Now that the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate we can expect to see more of his personal agendas being forced in the federal parliament.



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