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The Richard Dawkins decline continues: Foundation for Reason and Science embezzled for $375,000

October 28, 2010

The Richard Dawkins decline continues. Foundation for Reason and Science embezzled for $375,000

If you want see the pure hypocrisy of any self appointed guru of bile you need merely wait. Sooner or later the very indiscretions and foibles that they condemn in other infect their own perfect world. Nothing seems as banal as person who judges others by a standard that refuse to be apply to them self. In this case we had Richard Dawkins, Author of the God Delusion, continuously making that case that religion is evil and corrupt. By contrast he had his own delusion that a world run by Atheists would bring forth a rationalist utopia. “Religion is root of all evil,” was one of his most infamous mottos. Another which was far more malicious and deceptive was, “Image there are no suicide bombers…” Deceptive because the modern suicide bomber vest is a product of the secular based terrorist organization know as the LTTE (Tamil Tigers). We also have his Atheist camp which looks remarkably like a camp where atheist adults indoctrinate children. So much for his perfect world where “the masses will throw off the shackles of religion” and embrace the dream where the scientifically educated masses will be delivered a more rational society.

Already cracks have appeared in the perfect dream as Richard Dawkins has decided to sue one of his closest atheist allies. Richard Dawkins is claiming that an employee of his Foundation for Reason and Science embezzled US$375,000 from the Dawkins online store. Dawkins is suing that one of his closest atheist protégés Josh Timonen for US$950,000 in damages to the “Foundation”. Dawkins is suing for a further US$14,000 that he claims is owed to him personally. Timonen had fervently denied the allegations.

The online store located at sells range of tacky items: tee shirts, coffee mugs, trucker caps, earrings, pendants, badges, books and DVDs. There is even a place where you can give a donation. Though it is not very clear why a millionaire like Dawkins requires donations, nor is it clear how the money will be spent. The store should have been a big money spinner for Richard Dawkins but he is claiming that it only cleared US$30,000 in just over 3 years of operation. “The store was just squeaking by,” Dawkins claim and the blames Timonen for taking away 92% of the profit.

From every angle this comes across as a sordid tale of corruption from within an organization that claimed that it was above such things. The accountability of The Richard Dawkins Foundation is now in serious question. This is especial damning when considering that it was also taking donations like a charity. The image of two fierce allies fighting each other of money blow a hole in Richard Dawkins’ claims to moral superiority of atheism. Instead he and his protégé look remarkably like other self appointed gurus of moral outrage who implode in their hypocrisy.


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