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The Australian Nurse who trained child soldiers lives comfortably in London

November 9, 2010

The Australian Nurse who trained child soldiers lives comfortably in London


Adele Balasingham was the wife of Anton Balasingham the high ranking LTTE (Tamil Tiger) negotiator and propagandist. Anton died in recent years from cancer. As a negotiator he fulfilled his role in delay tactics that helped prolong the Sri Lankan Civil War. In the 1970’s Anton married Adele Ann Wilby an Australian nurse residing in London. Some years passed and by the late eighties Adele was put in charge of the female LTTE cadres which included children as young as 10.


As head of the female cadres Adele was responsible for the training, arming and graduation of child soldiers. At the graduation ceremonies she personally hung the vile of cyanide around the necks of children. The cyanide was to be taken by the LTTE cadres if they were ever captured, there was no exceptions for child soldiers. All were expected to commit suicide rather than be captured.

In terms of terrorism, Adele is amongst the worst in the world and beyond comparison with even those that reside in Gitmo at this moment. Yet so far the UK authorities seem happy to allow her to enjoy her freedom and attend protest meetings. Photographic evidence shows Adele attending meetings and there are allegations by the Sri Lankan High Commission that she is one of the organizers.

A high ranking source in the High Commission was quoted as saying:

“Given the association of Mrs Balasingham with the senior ranks of the LTTE she could be seen as a sole survivor.
…She was involved in taking major decisions in the hierarchy of the LTTE and there is a possibility that supporters will rally around her in Britain…. We believe the Parliament Square protests were organized directly from the Tamil Tigers leadership… and Mrs Balasingham has been a main point of contact in the UK for this.”


The Sri Lankan Government has asked that the UK government investigate and take action against Adele.


Editorial Comment:

Adele Balasingham parents were living in Melbourne Australia when they were interviewed by a local current affairs program for a commercial channel. They indicated that they were proud that their daughter was a ‘freedom fighter’ and were comfortable with her training child soldiers.


Adele was also interviewed and saw nothing wrong with sending children (young girls) into combat.


A war on terrorism is more than just bombing the crap out of some mountains on the other side of the world.


There is something very wrong when a person who enforced such misery and ruined the lives of young children now lives freely in a 4 bedroom home in London. If arresting known terrorists is a priority then Adele Balasingham should be first on the list. Otherwise we might just as well let terrorist set up shop in any nation they want, protest and raise finances that will be used to arm child soldiers.

Watch the video:


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