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Just roll yourself in blood and tell everyone it is chocolate

January 15, 2011

Just roll yourself in blood and tell everyone it is chocolate


That is the mentality that certain individuals seem to have these days: Utter denial. Evidence can be put in front a person’s eyes but the will be unable to see it because they refuse believe what they see. If the world is deemed to be flat by such individuals then taking them to outer space will not be enough proof. They will say it is a trick, a hoax, something was distorting the image or it was fabricated to keep us oppressed. It is amusing to watch such self imposed psychosis but it also painful to watch them suffer in their desperation.


Why is truth so hard to accept when it is before your eyes? Does a few cunning words make the bleeding obvious disappear? Hardly. There are things that cannot be argued away. Wit did not save Geobles from the guilty verdict. Popularity will never replace cold hard facts.


And still there are people who say there is no such thing as: a facts and evidence means nothing; we can explain things better these days because we are modern.


Cut me and I bleed; pound me and bruise; kill me and I am dead. These are the realities that I do accept whether I want to or not. Yet for certain individuals, killing is not killing if they can find a good excuse. As long as they have an ideology to latch onto or hate to nurture it does not matter what their eyes are telling them. ‘Their eyes are lying,’ they will say, ‘it is a trick; a ruse or some hoax that cannot yet be explained. They show the truth and then call it a lie, as if mere words can make it thus.


Truth is said to be beauty and beauty truth. Yet truth is also reality where evidence may disturb the mind to the point of disconnect. Some do not wish to believe what they see and will tell any lie, even to themselves, to be rid of something that destroys their mental comforts. Truth can be ugly, bloody and splattered in front of the eyes. Truth can be a realization that there are some terrible people who do terrible things.


The most terrible thing a person must face is their true self. Conscience does make cowards of us all. Truth disturbs the conscience like no other disturbance. When faced with a reflection of their true selves is it any wonder that some people would do anything to avoid seeing this image. When we see the truth they will call it a lie and look harder to find what is not there. They will lie to others and say that the image is false and a hoax. They will try to distract people with wild conspiracy theories that only a fool could believe. They will trade on fear and hate to stop people from thinking clearly. Mostly they will try to offer hopelessness anyone who will listen.

A person without hope is a person that is easy to control and that is how power is ceased. People without hope become victims to any false hope that is offered. Often that false hope is nothing more than murder.


It is easy to see some disturbing images and pretend that it did not happen and does not matter. It is easy to rob humans of even the right to be called human. It is even easy to excuse any crime and murder with a well crafted argument. It is even easy to roll yourself in the blood of your victims and call it chocolate.

Yet it will never make it thus.

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