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I give unto you the power of “Blog”

February 20, 2011

I give unto you the power of “Blog”


“Blog” is a powerful substance of unknown origin. It is salubrious, malleable and not all together odourless. In fact in same circumstances “Blog”s can stink badly. The other properties of “Blog” is its ability to fit all situations and enhance everything that it touches. “Blog” cannot be polished but it can be rolled in tinsel dust. “Blog” used to be rare but these days there is plenty of “Blog” to be found. However the quality has slipped somewhat from those early days. More “Blog” does not necessarily mean better “Blog”.


What can we do with “Blog”?

“Blog” can stick to anything and not let go. Even if the subject of attention is dead “Blog” will keep flogging it and flogging it.

“Blog” can create light if swallowed by its own manufacturer. For some unknown reason the light is activated in the lower part of the large intestine. You will see such people admiring the light as it shine from their own anus.

“Blog” has infinite memory span. “Blog” never forgets and always looks for a chance to bring up the past. Yet for some reason “Blog” only remember one side of the memory chip.

“Blog” is knowledgeable. With power of WIKI, Google and YouTube you can wash any brain to your desired cleanliness.

“Blog” is loud and in your face. Not only that, it can also be anonymous. Get you “Blog” in a brown paper bag.

“Blog” is always right, never wrong, never, never, never. “Blog” knows it and you better believe it. If you do not believe it then “Blog” will always remind you.


Why “Blog”?

Why prattle away your hour with creatively avoiding Work for the Dole. Tell social security that you are a professional writer. If the doubt you then show them you “Blog”. No one doubts the “Blog”.

Impress your friends, not just the imaginary ones, with your skills in unifying the theory of quantum mechanics with your bipolar disorder. “Blog” can do that for you.

Find your inner fifth gender and let “Blog” do the rest to enhance that feature.

Match wits with yourself as you impress yourself with how much “Blog” you can own. Quantity in “Blog” is always better than quality.

Make friends with “Blog”. The one you are making in the basement are starting to stink up the place.

Put you “Blog” with other “Blog’s” and watch them enjoy mutual masturbation. Thrilling


How to use “Blog”:



Are there any dangers with “Blog”?

A good question. I will get back to you after we construct your gallows.


Is there any standard or quality controls with “Blog”?



And if you are still not convinced:

If you hate everything, including yourself then “Blog” is for you.

If you despise good people, because they make you puke. “Blog” for you.

If you have no knowledge of science but want to write as if you do, then “Blog” is for you.

If you are a theological cripple. “Blog” liberally.

If you have only read one book in your life, then you are so qualified that “Blog” will be easy.

If you ever dreamed of owning an empire then “Blog” is for you.

If the word “Blog” sound magical the Blog is for you.

“Blog”, “Blog”, “Blog” till you can “Blog” no more.

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