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Julia Gillard is a bold face liar: Carbon Tax-Gate

February 25, 2011

Julia Gillard is a bold face liar

As part her election campaign categorically stated that there would be “No Carbon Tax.”

As of yesterday Julia Gillard announced a “Carbon Tax”.

When interviewed today by Alan Jones on 2GB Radio she lied again claiming that she said that she made mention of a tax in her campaign.

Not only have Julia Gillard proven to be liar but a shameless that only hard core politicians seem to have mastered.

Here is the link.

If there is a Nobel Prize for evasiveness she should be awarded it tomorrow. Talking over people may impress a hardcore unionist, activists and her own party cheer squad but I cannot imagine that the Australian public are that dense.

Trying to fool all the people all of the time is not a good tactic.

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