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For God Sake won’t someone save us from this Carbon Tax madness! Carbon Tax-Gate

February 26, 2011

For God Sake won’t someone save us from this Carbon Tax madness!

Politicians that live in Canberra must live in a bubble where they are insulated from the realities that rest of us must face. They must not feel any pain when bills go up. They must never have any concern about whether there is enough money for the mortgage. Nor do they appear to be worried about buying books for school kids, putting petrol in their cars or keeping warm in winter. Rather than understanding the suffering and hardships the vast majority of Australians endure they dream up new ways of inflicting more pain. It is enough to make a sane man wonder whether they trying to tax us all into poverty. ( And there is always a way of inventing a new tax.) This year’s invention appears to be a “Carbon Tax“. Is it any wonder that some may see politicians as nothing more than greedy little money hoarders in suits.

Two years ago I was listening attentively to the serious prediction of a Global Warming Crisis. It was even called global warming. I like many other listened to our elected representatives in the hope that they had our best interests at heart. Al Gore roamed the world selling his film they predicted one disaster after the other. Rising sea levels, drowned island nations, climate refugee, widespread hunger and more extreme weather changes. Other activist scientists went along for the ride predicting that Australia’s drought would never end and our damn would never again be filled. Here in Victoria we have already started to construct a desalination plant, just because we were told that we need it. Now it seems that it is going to be the greatest white elephant in the state’s history. Two years later with none of the dire predictions coming true I have become a climate change agnostic and heading toward being a climate change sceptic.

Science is one thing, faith in an exact science is another thing, but the blind faith claims that I expected to have in an inexact science like “climatology” is just crazy. ( Computer modelling may look impressive to those with little knowledge of computers but those that do: garbage in / garbage out is the most appropriate term. In other words, you can always get the results that tell it to give.) However my true departure from any trust in the Climate Change honesty came after the Copenhagen conference collapsed. Surely if the science was so over whelming and the disaster so certain, our leaders would be falling all over each other to be the first to have the Carbon Tax and thus be credited with saving the world. Isn’t it funny how no one stood up and volunteered to save their own lives from the absolute certainty of a “Climate Armageddon”? Call me cynical if you will, but for me the credibility of any prediction of doom rests on how those predicting the doom act in a crisis. In a crisis even the most self serving people still endeavour to save their own skin. It would be a very rare day when they choose to commit suicide. (It would be a rarer day to see our illustrious representatives commit mass suicide by choosing to ignore a certain catastrophe).  Yet that is what we are being asked to believe.

Whatever happened to the ‘Population Bomb’, Nuclear War, The New Ice-Age, The hole in the ozone layer and all the other predictions of the end of civilization as we know it? Gone, gone and gone like the cheap fad that created them. This time there is more than a whiff of ‘cheap fad’ in the Global Warming / Climate Change panic. More than a whiff of ‘cheap fad’ there is the smell of money in the form of a brand new tax.

Yet this will be a tax like no other in history.

Imagine a tax that can be increased regardless of what you earn and indexed to something decreases you normal human comforts. It is a tax that will tax you for turning on a light to read; switching on a computer to send an email; using a stove to have a hot meal; for driving you car to work; for choosing not to freeze in winter. It is a tax that hits every element of energy consumption and production in the modern world. And as a result it is going to hurt a lot.

The idea behind a Carbon Tax is to create this hurt and suffering until you change your behaviour to such a point that turn off that light; throw out that computer; eat uncooked food; walk everywhere and freeze you gonads off in winter. Yet as a result of this enforced ‘third world’ lifestyle we will have had negligible effect on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Certainly there will not be enough to change the weather in any shape or form. However we rest assured that harshness of this regime will make some greenie ideologues happy. The question will not be how much of the planet we have saved but rather how close to developing nation will we become before we can be taxed no more.

My comparison with developing nations may seem dire but we do need to look seriously at how far this tax needs to go before it becomes a poverty creating tool. Already the Australian Greens want to shut down all the coal fired power stations with no serious replacement for base load power. Instead we are being sold prediction of wondrous inventions that will save us all, such as giant windmills and solar panel utopias. No such item exist that can supply base load power but we still have to shut off what we have and then trust that Utopia will appear on the horizon. That is fine for the feather headed dreamers that don’t have to raise families and pay mortgages to survive but for the rest of us…?

All I ask is that someone in Canberra stops for a moment and thinks this Carbon Tax fad through. It is going to hurt us all in ways that we can only imagine and offer no change to the environment. Some where someone has to realize this is wrong.

And if still doubt that there will be pain just consider this

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