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The Manga Bible – Extreme

March 29, 2011

The Manga Bible – Extreme

David and Goliath – Eat your heart out Jack Chick

At first you think it is a joke. Then you begin to look and realize these guys are serious.

Those crazy Manga dudes are all over the world and my life would not be complete without my weekly dose of Japanese Anime. Yet when looking up news stories on the Times on Line to rip off a Blog about I found the new winner. The Manga Bible – Extreme.

You would expect such a venture to be like all the other picture Bibles that are around, colourful images and serene setting that look like something from Cecil B DeMille film lot. However in this version you get something very different and very Japanese in style. Even the clothes in many of the cells have that Seven Samurai fashion.

Even the Black and White cells have a dramatic quality

Unlike Jack Chick’s Track comics there is not the same bigoted edge to distract and annoy the reader. The artwork is in a completely different style and perhaps could be described as God meets Kabuki.


I love the colour of this cell.

I don’t see the Manga Bible as causing a great flood of converts and can be appreciated on its artistic merits alone. How many people have converted to Taoism since Manga was introduced? Yet despite the messages in many of the comics and films the appreciation has been for its unique perspective and imaginative visuals.

Chick’s Tracts always enjoyed burning people in Hell for absolutely no reason.

Perhaps it is the insanity that this new perspective that makes it so interesting.

So whether for a laugh or just for the appreciation of fine Manga styling it is worth a further look.
The website can be found here:


For those he really need a laugh you can check out the truly warped mind of Jack Chick here:

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