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The End of Bin Laden – celebrations and calibrations

May 11, 2011

The End of Bin Laden – celebrations and calibrations


There is little doubt that many people are convinced that Bin Laden had it coming when a team of US Navy Seals burst into his room and shot him in the head. A man who had killed so many people in such cruel and cowardly ways had now met his own cowardly death. The details of his killing have been sketchy with the story changing several times. Initially it was implied that he armed, then that he was using his wife as human shield, then that he was unarmed and not using his wife as a shield. The most recent reports indicate that he unarmed in his room with his wife when the Navy Seals burst in. His wife moved forward at the Navy Seal and was shot in the legs whilst Bin Laden ended up being shot in the head.


The confusion of details and contradictions of stories has become media fodder and spawned another flurry of wild conspiracy theories. Even before the details of the raid were released journalists and bloggers were already claiming that Bin Laden was assassinated. They went further and with absolutely no evidence condemned the action because it was, wait for it, “an assassination”.


The core of the bleaters may have their suspicions, but suspicions without supporting evidence are little more than speculation and prejudice. For example the prominent Australian Ex-Pat human rights lawyer with flowery English accent Geoffrey Robertson QC has had this to say about Osama Bin Laden,This man has been subject to summary execution, and what is now appearing after a good deal of disinformation from the White House is it may well have been a cold-blooded assassination.”

The colourful very left of left Bob Ellis has this to say in the wake of the death of Bin Laden, “How shabby the Americans are. How secretive and stupid…” and later “… How creepy. How overpaid for their shoddy scheming and their bungled midnight raids…” and still he has more to say… “What klutzes they are. And how dearly we all must pay for their clumsiness, in a rejuvenated al-Qaeda and acts of terror without end, in this country too. And an atomic war, perhaps.” Wow, what an imagination. I am envious. If only I had a cup of what Bob Ellis is on. Atomic war because Osama Bin Laden is killed?


Another ABC Drum writer call Antony Loewenstein is equally upset that Osama has been killed. “The murder of bin Laden wasn’t justice, as claimed by Obama and a range of commentators. It was a targeted assassination, an art perfected by Israel, and an illegal tool that has not made the Zionist nation any less likely to face attack from designated enemies. America will be no different.” At this point I am confused as to why Loewenstien would even bother mentioning Israel in an action on the opposite side of the planet. Perhaps is compulsively obsessed with the phrase “Zionist Nation.”


Again the Drum has employed another person mope over the death of Osama bin Laden. This time it is Ruby (Soho) Hamad who in her own words, “Once again, the United States has resumed its self-appointed role as the world’s police, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. And whilst there is plenty of backslapping, foam-finger waving and jubilant talk of ‘justice’, there has not been nearly enough said about the other victims of that evening…” And her winning line, “…Bin Laden did not die alone that fateful night. And when he sank to the bottom of the ocean, he was weighed down, not merely with rocks or stones, but with the hopes and dreams of millions who dared to believe a better America, and a better world was not far on the horizon.” After reading this I felt like inviting Osama Bin Laden over for a cup of tea and a few nibbles as I quietly apologized to him for being upset about the 3000+ he did murder on 9/11.


The examples above are not alone in their duplicitous guilt complex about Osama bin Laden death. Yet none have explained how you can safely and peacefully arrest the head of a terrorist suicide cult. Were they expecting that someone would knock on the door of the terrorist leader’s compound and hand him a summons to appear in court? Or were they expecting Obama to rely upon the diligence of the Pakistan armed forces to do their job? Even the second scenario is silly when you consider that Bin Laden was living in a huge complex, no more than a kilometre away from a Pakistani military training college. He was in the neighbourhood and no one knew he was there? One could forgive Obama if he smelled a rat. He could also be forgiven for sending in the Navy Seals where a negotiator with a megaphone was doomed to fail. We can even forgive him for being happy that such a horrid person can no longer harm anyone. After all Obama could have ordered a cruise missile to flatten the compound rather than risk his elite commandoes on such a dangerous mission.


How Osama bin Laden died is now going to be the stuff of legend, fiction, news editorials and wild conspiracy theories. Claims that he was ceremonially executed are still wild conspiracy theories. These are usually held by the kind of people who are worried about black helicopters, Area 51 and the lizard people. However the fact that he is dead, despite how (even if he had died peacefully in his sleep), is a great relief to millions around the world.


Osama bin Laden was not some Boy Scout idealist who was fighting for a better, fairer world. He was a thug who oppressed women; murdered thousands of civilians in cold blood; destabilized the world; surround himself with child soldiers and suicide bombers. And metaphorically speaking, if he is to face the hereafter I doubt very much there will be any virgins lined up for him at all. In fact he would more likely be thinking that the hole in his head was least of his punishments.


Perhaps some of people mentioned above grieve too much when a monster is killed. Osama was not a retired old gentle man in a smoking jacket, was still planning major terrorist actions up until his death.

All I can say is that the best thing to come out of burying Osama bin Laden at sea is now we can all go down to the beach and piss on his grave.


Metaphorically speaking of course.

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  1. similimodo permalink
    May 12, 2011 12:16 pm


    Thanks for alerting me to the fact that Ruby SoWhat? is still writing dribble. I needed a good laugh.

    This is the best bit about Bin Laden in what she considers an article – when she refers to his daughter watching “her unarmed and pyjama-clothed father.”

    “… a 12-year-old girl … witnessing her unarmed and pyjama-clothed father get shot in the head by US forces. You try telling her these are the good guys.”

    Try telling the other couple-of-hundred or so daughters, you mean?

    She must be privy to some information the rest of the world isn’t. Muslim terrorists wear pyjamas. Or maybe she made it up?

    I seem to remember her championing Obama during the US elections. She wouldn’t tolerate a bad word about him. We tried to tell her she was dumb as. Now we don’t have to anymore. She’s admitting how dumb she was (and in my opinion – still is).

    The only thing I’ve ever seen her tolerate is her own opinion.

    Plus, she refers to Obama as ‘Noble’ Peace Prize winner. Never heard of that award myself.

    Apparently she loves democracy. Except when it goes wrong. She wanted everyone to vote for Obama. Now what? Now So What? She probably wants everyone not to vote for him?

    Apparently she’s not a big fan of the burka. Could never get her head around it. Or is it the other way round?

    She’s a metre-0f-cloth short of a burka.

    Life’s no picnic but if it was, I’d never let her be responsible for the sandwiches.

    David of the Muslim-approved cock-doctored photo.


    • May 12, 2011 5:22 pm


      Thanks for your reply. I normally don’t send much time reading the Dumb …oops I mean the Drum on the ABC site. However they can make great copy once in a while. This week was special. One great big sook fest that “Bin Laden was dead and can’t kill any more nasty American civilians”.

      Personally I never liked Obama. He was too polished in his spin and too evasive in his answers to questions. (Sort of reminds of a certain PM we have in Australia.) Spin and evasive answers do not a great man make.

      I do know what you mean about the doctored photo that was eventually forced down from Orble. It may not have been Muslim approved but it was certainly given a great big endorsement by you know who. If only an ABC Drum writer knew where to look. Hehehehe….


  2. June 11, 2011 9:15 pm

    Loewenstein has yet to meet a terrorist group he can’t help fluffing for. His interest in SL’s LTTE is legendarily idiotic.


    • June 12, 2011 12:18 am


      Thanks for your comments.
      “Loewenstein has yet to meet a terrorist group he can’t help fluffing for”

      That is a classic line. Cracks me straight away.

      I was aware of Loewenstein’s views on Sri Lanka, but he is not alone in this. It is a mysty eyed inner city pinko thing. Making noise about something they know nothing about to hide the fact that they actually do nothing.


  3. June 12, 2011 2:19 am


    AL’s greatest display of cretinism was in trying to get the Galle Literary Festival cancelled – a fine way to support free speech in Sri Lanka, no?–-master-of-doublethink/

    Also, he rarely allows contrary comments on his own blog. I guess he can’t deal with criticism.


    • June 12, 2011 9:28 am


      I will have a read of you article on Antony.

      I do tend to class him low down on the scale of influence.
      In Australia is seen as little more than an anti-Israeli conspiracy nut.
      I was tempted to repond to one of his articles once but then I realized it was only publushed on the ‘ABC’s Drum’ blog site.

      Getting published on the government paid ‘ABC Drum’ blog site (as he usually does) is not considered very clever. It is open to any crackpot with an Internet connection.
      ref:“A one-eyed view of Sri Lanka” published 22 October 2010″

      Of greater concern to me is people like Gordon Weiss, Bruce Haige and Bruce Fein. Who are using their previous positions of status to spruke for the LTTE causes.


  4. June 13, 2011 2:52 am

    I think GoSL’s countering of people like Weiss etc has been pathetic, compounded by their refusal to provide hard facts to disprove claims like 40,000 dead etc.


    • June 13, 2011 9:20 am


      I have to agree that the government of Sri Lanka has been pathetic in responding to accusations.
      The Rajapakse brothers are almost inept when it comes to the western media.

      However the government has finally run a conference about the war which is now avaliable online.

      I has come 2 years too late but I think that it goes a long way to setting the record straight.

      The key note speakers and the question times are invaluable.


  5. June 13, 2011 9:58 am

    I saw the videos on Youtube and I thought it a major step forward – but – they still avoid answering hard questions and as a result leave the media management and agenda domination to the LTTE groupies and HR organisations. Just wait until the Channel 4 documentary comes out. Simply saying ‘videos are fakes’ isn’t going to cut it anymore … I think winning the war was their high point. Its now back to business as usual. Very depressing.

    Most of the presentations are available here:


    • June 13, 2011 10:59 am


      I am not sure how imortant Channel 4 is in the big scheme of things. Here the media seems to be more interested in how cows are killed rather than how people are killed.
      However some incidents do require an honest investigation, regardless of who is involved.

      Certainly folklaw, urban myths and good old fashion LTTE propaganda is poluting the post war PR campaign. So I think that if there is a push for investigation it should also cover terrorists operatives, agents, financiers and ex-cadres who now reside in western nations.


  6. June 13, 2011 8:18 pm

    Dear myapologetics,

    The LTTE people in the West are (more or less) free to carry on as before. A perfect example is London-based ‘Aunty’ Adele Balasingham, an unrepentant procurer of child soldiers and female suicide bombers etc. I think this is now pure geo-politics/power politics and its up to GoSL to be intelligent about how it responds.


  7. June 15, 2011 4:59 am

    I think GoSL need the UK more than vice versa (for economic reasons) so I guess they won’t be able to do much against Aunty Adele. She regularly graces the Annual Zeros Day event with an accompanying pack of Eelam vote-dependant MPs.


  8. June 15, 2011 8:38 pm

    Here’s an interesting conversation with someone from Channel 4’s on-line team. Note how he parrots the usual drivel about ‘Sinhala government’ and then quickly backtracks claiming ignorance 🙂


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