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Is the ABC Drum a Government subsidized open forum for any radical with an Internet connection? Antony Loewenstein seems to prove the case

June 16, 2011

Is the ABC Drum a Government subsidized open forum for any radical with an Internet connection?

Antony Loewenstein seems to prove the case

Perhaps the scariest thing about the ABC Drum is its lack of moderation.

The Drum is a government paid open forum for anyone who has an Internet connection and 2 words to string together. Whether those words are coherent and logical never seems to matter, as long as they wallow in the ooze of eternal controversy and angst. As a result we have self-appointed experts, guru’s and sham self proclaimed human rights activists. The big world of self righteousness and hollow hypocrisy has found its new centre. The centre is clearly another government paid forum for anyone with an axe to grind. This is especially true of one of their prominent contributors called, Antony Loewenstein.

Not only does Antony have a personal vendetta against what he calls the Zionists, and what the rest of the world calls Israel, he has also has time to develop his hate mongering talents against Sri Lanka. When it comes to Sri Lanka it seems that Antony has a lot of hate to share. 21 articles condemning the Sri Lankan government (some with a strange Zionist bogyman twist) and nowhere is there any recognition that the LTTE were terrorists of the worst order.

The question is not how much hate can one person peddle?

Rather is Antony Loewenstein hoping to radicalize people with the hate that he is peddling?

It is merely a testament to the lack of common sense at the ABC Drum website. Why would any self respecting journalistic website, let alone a tax payer funded one, allow itself to be hijacked by such fanatics?

Below is a list of articles that Antony Loewenstein for you to consider whether he has any balance in his view (or his mind for that matter):

Sri Lanka is a heart of darkness where murder is encouraged

Handy reminder that Sri Lanka wants to teach world how to use terror



Remembering the war against Tamils; accountability required



Why can’t we just leave glorious and triumphant Sri Lanka alone?



All hail Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa, man of war and war crimes



Sri Lanka is rogue state and killed countless civilians, says UN



Wikileaks reveals how India helped Sri Lanka win its war against Tamils



Wikileaks cables on Sri Lanka and its merry ways



Colombo’s love of killing



Galle Literary Festival appeal to not ignore human rights



Colombo hearts Israel but dissent exists



No country should be immune from war crimes prosecutions, including Sri Lanka



An Australian call for war crimes to be investigated in Sri Lanka



India and Sri Lanka are our mates (and they cause violence)



Colombo must be getting PR advice from Zionist central



Finding ways to wipe Tamils from the picture entirely



Rajapaksa learns something about how he’s seen in civilised society



Inside the Tamil Tigers from a man who knows



A one-eyed view of Sri Lanka



Thank you Ubisoft for backing Colombo’s war crimes



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