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Lee Rhiannon fails to ban Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth

September 26, 2011

Lee Rhiannon fails to ban Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth

There goes that crazy Lee Rhiannon again. What will she do next?

Here is Lee Rhiannon address a crowd in front of Sri Lankan map. Note the red area on the map.
That represents the areas claimed by the terrorist known as the LTTE

Not satisfied with her vocal support the racist campaign to blockaded and boycott Jewish owned businesses under the BDS campaign. She still has time to offer her warped opinion on a nation that she knows little about and possibly never even visited. Worse still, she appears relay unfiltered propaganda from terrorist fronts as her primary sources of evidence. However in the small universe that Lee Rhiannon occupies here is her justification:

Motions, Thursday 22 September 2011

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (13:31): I move:

That the Senate—

notes: a roundtable meeting held in Federal Parliament supported a call for Sri Lanka to be suspended from the Councils of the Commonwealth because it has:

  • refused to hold an independent investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the final stages of the civil war in 2009, and
  • breached its commitment to uphold the ‘rule of law’ in the Commonwealth’s values and principles, as set out in the Millbrook Commonwealth Action Program,
  • a precedent was set for temporarily suspending a country from the Councils of the Commonwealth when Pakistan was suspended in 1999 and Fiji was suspended in 2000 and 2006, and
  • the Sri Lankan President is planning to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth in October 2011; and
  • calls on the Australian Government to support calls for Sri Lanka to be suspended from the Councils of the Commonwealth until the Government of Sri Lanka:
    • agrees to an international independent investigation into war crimes,
    • restores human rights and the rule of law, and
    • implements all of the recommendations of the United Nations Expert Panel Report on War Crimes in Sri Lanka.


Rhiannon is member of the Australian Greens and has given uncritical support to the cause of Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka know as Eelam (written as Eezham on some LTTE websites).

Lee’s own blog site repeats the discredited figure of 40,000 killed in the final stages of the Sri Lankan Civil War. Her sources of evidence site are as diverse as the Darusman report which she has incorrectly called “United Nations Expert Panel Report on War Crimes in Sri Lanka” when in fact it was called “The Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka.”

This may seem like a minor change but the Darusman report has no official authority of the United Nations and was only commissioned by Ban ki Moon’s office. (The fact that Lee cannot even get the name of the report correct in her submission to parliament speaks volumes about her knowledge in this area.) The resulting 214 page Darusman report is a flawed document that relies upon supposition and strange extrapolations of data to make its questionable claims. Even the LTTE propaganda website Tamilnet was used as a source of evidence. To use the recommendations of a flawed report plumbs the depth of sloppy unprofessionalism, but for Lee it is an unquestionable authority.

Yet more disturbing is that Rhiannon uses other highly questionable sources to build her case. Sam Pari from the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) is quoted on Lees blog site.

The ATC is linked with the LTTE front organization called the British Tamil Forum (BTF)

The BTF lists as a founding member organisations-Australian Tamil Congress Board.

Unfortunately when you are dealing with terrorist organization you need to follow the network of connections to make sense of them. The BTF are currently running a campaign to have Sri Lanka censured at the upcoming CHOGM meeting and to take the 2014 Commonwealth Games away from Sri Lanka.

Not satisfied mixing with the ATC Lee has met with senior figures including the president of the BTF.

President of the BTF Professor/Dr/Fr Emmanuel just left of Lee Rhiannon

And in case there is any mistake here he is again giving a speech from behind the LTTE flag

And here he is again having a jolly old time with the LTTE terrorist and weapons procurement officer ‘Castro’

One does not need to be mad to hang around such people. Rather they need to be barking mad. Yet this all part of the Lee Rhiannon image, where she mouths words about ‘human rights’ and in the next breath associates herself with terrorist front organizations.

The fact Lee Rhiannon has chosen to associate with such people does explain why she is running nearly identical campaigns in Australia. (It may be suggested that this is happening because: The propaganda is dreamed up by radical Eelamists and remnants of the LTTE front organization; is distributed to people of Rhiannon’s ilk and they uncritically act upon these instructions.)

Thankfully not everyone is as naive as Lee Rhiannon (to say otherwise would be to accuse Lee Rhiannon of being conniving). As Lee put her motion to the Parliament of Australia both the Government and the Opposition parties immediately voted it down.

Lee’s own web page reported the defeat and disappoint. Yet for those who understand how dangerous the LTTE are this was a victory for common sense.

So for now, it seems that, Lee will need to find another self-ascribed ‘noble cause’ to chain her indignation to. Self appointed human rights agent for Sri Lanka is well beyond her pay scale.

Censoring the media seems to be the current favourite of the Australian Greens and I am sure she will be very good at flogging that dead horse.

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  1. September 28, 2011 5:21 am

    Good stuff. The Aussie Greens securing their voter base? 🙂


  2. September 28, 2011 9:24 am

    Thanks for your comments.
    The relationship between the Australian Greens and pro LTTE groups is disturbing.
    I have a lot information about this subject that I am yet to publish.



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