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Sri Lankan Civil War History: Last Rebel Base falls

October 25, 2011

Sri Lankan Civil War History: Last Rebel Base falls

First published March 3rd 2009 12:10


Sri Lankan Civil War: Last Rebel Base falls

Soldiers on the main road into the last LTTE base.


The last base is taken


March 3 2009
Breaking News

The LTTE (Tamil Tigers) are now confined to small villages and the jungles in an area of less than 50 Km/sq. The map of the war zone has already been redrawn by the Sri Lankan Military and published on their website. Such is the confidence of the army that are willing boast of this victory in such a short period of time.

The crucial fall came after an intense street by street gun fight in the town of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU. Now that the army control the PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU Junction the LTTE no longer have any base of operation.

The intensity of the fighting is evident.


Signs of a Crumbling Empire
4 senior LTTE cadres are scheduled for execution in front of a firing squad by the LTTE themselves. They were accused of trying to escape to government controlled areas.

The LTTE Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman has been taken from his normal duties and told to fight with the regular soldiers.

In the last few days a group of LTTE cadres came into the Demarcated Safe Zone and tried to abduct several children to use as soldiers. One the civilian refugees in the Safe Zone wrestled a gun off one of the cadres and killed four of them. The LTTE left without the children. This incident is said to have taken place in front of NGO’s and the UN.

There have also been reports that the LTTE is trying to recruit children in large numbers to replenish their dwindling numbers.

A female suicide bomber aged somewhere between 16-26 blew herself up near army troops west of the combat area.

The LTTE satellite Television Broadcast ground station was captured. In it were found videos of a well known Indian politician Vaiko associating in a friendly manner with the LTTE chief Prabhakaran.

Indian politician here conversing with LTTE leader Prabhakaran


Here they are from another angle. Vaiko has a lot explaining to do. He is currently on bail from prison in India.

Prabhakaran is reported to be still in the area but his son is running the command.

The LTTE calls for a ceasefire have fallen on deaf ears.

What Next?
The civilians still stuck in the war zone are under enormous strain. The UN reports that sending food and supplies into the war zone is being thwarted by both sides.

It does appear as though it is just a matter of time before the LTTE either implodes or are forced back into the jungle to act as guerrilla fighters once more. However their command structure appears to have been decimated and their leader once called the ‘Sun God’ is now on the run.

One thing that is unlikely is the LTTE heeding any calls to surrender or lay down their arm. The Sri Lankan President has promised amnesty to lower ranked cadres who surrender. However the LTTE leader Prabhakaran has been made no such offer. He has nothing to lose by continuing to fight on desperately or planning a climatic protest like a mass suicide.

More News will be passed on as it comes through.

Proof of where they are.

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