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The Dr Sam Pari scandal gets worse – alias Sampavi – alias Sham

November 4, 2011

The Dr Sam Pari scandal gets worse – alias Sampavi – alias Sham

Dr Sam Pari

The Sri Lankan Government must have grown tired of being continually accused of war crimes by people claiming to be human rights advocates. They could have sat it out waiting for the well organized critics to become tired but there seems to be no indication of this happening soon. Meanwhile the controversy is played out across the media in Australia.

Below is a partial scan of a document that Sam Pari filled in for the LTTE. I have covered over personal details, such as phone number and home address for privacy reason. The first red arrow shows that this is an official LTTE document. The second red arrow shows Dr Sam Pari’s photograph. Reader will also note that this has been filled in by hand and signed.

The complete document can be found on this link.

Below is the English translation of the above scan:

Below is another partial scan of the same document where Sam Pari explains what she has been doing for the LTTE.

English translation of the same document.

The gray boxes are there for privacy reasons only. I have also underlined the important details.

As the documents indicate they were recovered from the Wanna district after the Sri Lankan Forces took control from the LTTE.

Near the end of the war the Sri Lankan government recovered a huge amount of LTTE produced documents and photographs. This was because the LTTE often had to retreat before they had time to destroy the evidence.

Here is a copy of the last page signed by Sam Pari using her alias Sampavi

A closer look. Dated 29-12-2004

As I said in a previous post Dr Sam Pari has a lot of explaining to do.



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