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No point blaming Rudd or Gillard for this mess. Blame the Caucus.

February 25, 2012

No point blaming Rudd or Gillard for this mess. Blame the Caucus.

If there is one revelation in this mess it is that both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard are truly nasty and vindictive to their core. They may speak with eloquence of angels or the raw earthiness of the common folk but it just hot air. Once their media friendly mask is removed we find two people who are so self serving; so selfish and so oblivious to reality that neither should ever be giving power.

Too late, because  that is precisely what has occurred. The two people who you would never want to as prime minister were selected by the Labour Party; not merely selected but hailed as the great new saviours. Surely these mistakes could have been avoided. Once is bad enough, twice is a pattern and after the looming vote on Monday we will have homicide. The Caucus that saw fit to elect a leader based purely on symbolism and image failed to consider the possibility that substance mattered. Certainly there was no character test that refugees must pass before being granted a visa to Australia. If there was perhaps we could have easily avoided selecting the two least suitable people for the job. Instead we are given the celebrity candidate from the dim dark bottom draw of decision making.

Kevin Rudd (Kevin07) was little more than a polished image put up because his polite television manners were a stark contrast to the then Prime Minister John Howard’s gruffness. It worked and people warmed to the ‘Kevin07 Saviour of the Working Families’ veneer. What they were never told through Kevin’s heavily stage managed campaign is that it was all just image. Stories started to emerge that there were in fact two Kevins: one that the public saw and warmed to and the real Kevin that came out as soon as the cameras went away. It is this second Kevin that drove his colleges mad with his irrational behaviour, his temper tantrums and petty vendettas. Yet to us, the voting public, we were assured that he was compassionate conservative that not just replace John Howard but we would love him too. Fast forward to 2010 and in a ‘midnight coupe’ Rudd is out and Gillard in.

Yet Gillard was no saviour. She did not lead us from the jaws of the evil Rudd to a promise land of milk and honey. It should have been obvious from the start that Gillard was incapable of handling the job. Her background of recruiting Communist party dropouts into the Australian Labour Party should have rung the first warning. Her evasive answers about this past and her deliberate lies about how she was just a naive typist would have been obvious to those that voted her in to power. However Gillard did tick all the right boxes for the: ‘inner-city-lefty-tree-hugger-demographic’: Socialist, Emily Listed, Unmarried and an Atheist to boot. All she had to do was burn a few churches and they would make her secular saint. If only she was even close to sum of all her ideologically extreme parts then we would know what the so called ‘Real Julia’ actually stood for. Instead we have a mish-mash of compromised ideals wrapped up in some of the most confused rhetoric that has ever graced the broadcast media. Unable to speak plainly and directly answer questions is a toxic weakness for anyone trying win over the trust of the Australian voter. If knifing Rudd made seem slippery then the inability to justify it was pure grease. Add to this her broken promise about the ‘Carbon Tax’ and Gillard had completely trashed any credibility she may have had. Her trite response to anyone who pointed out her lie was both condescending and arrogant. It was as if she really believes that a better spin doctor would be able to fool all of the people all of the time.

Rightly so the opinion polls have punished the Gillard style of government as it was previously punishing the Rudd style of government. Rudd was charming person on the surface who had lost all his friends behind closed door whereas Gillard still had friend in the shadows but had the charm of an old Communist Party hack (funny about that).

It is not their style that is making them such an embarrassment to the office of Prime Minister but the belief that style is more important than substance. Empty words and meaningless promises grind hard with the electorate. More importantly any government that makes the mortgage belt suffer will soon learn the meaning of the word rage. The carbon Tax despite all the promises that make the tiny ‘inner-city-lefty-tree-hugger-demographic’ ecstatic is till just a tax that only the ‘inner-city-lefty-tree-hugger-demographic’ would like. The mortgage belt voters who will cop the brunt of the ‘Carbon Tax’ are already seeing increased power and water bills as a result of the current white elephants like useless desalination plants and ineffectual solar projects. The mistake that both Gillard and Rudd are making is to falsely assume that there is any thanks for making people suffer needlessly.

After Monday’s leadership challenge it will not matter who actually win as they are both as bad as each other. They are both personality driven policy weak party hacks who should never have be allowed to occupy the office of Prime Minister. Yet do not blame them for this mess. I blame those who chose these sock puppets.

Are they really the best they could do?

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