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Quotes of the Week from the Looney Fringe on the ABC Drum

March 1, 2012

Quotes of the Week from the Looney Fringe on the ABC Drum

Thursday, 1 March 2012

I am tempted to make this a regular feature on Myapologetics.

When reading through the banalities that are dished up by our government funded ABC blog site know as the Drum I am struck by how little grip on reality some of these writers have. Not only do we have opinions that appear to be born out of a deep desire to get attention by being controversial we have a whole spectrum regurgitated activist propaganda posing as analysis. Like it or not the ABC Drum is now the new home of bad. Bad writing, bad logic and ideas have all conspired to make the ABC Drum so bad that it is in fact good.

So for a lighter end to a week of pure nonsense from Canberra we can rest assured that the Drum will always go further than anyone should ever go. So pass the existential bong around, tune into the rainbow frequency sit back and enjoy the trip.

Bruce Haigh, a regular on ABC, gives us his gems of wisdom in “ASIO: maintaining the fear” by insinuating that terrorists and WW2 Australians resisting Japanese invasion are somehow on the same moral level:

“Let me speak on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamils found to be refugees, but still detained as a threat to security. These men were on the losing side in a civil war. They are soldiers of a military force which resorted to acts of terror in order to try and maximise their advantage. Nothing unusual in that, Australians would have done the same thing if the Japanese had gained a foothold in 1942”

Damon (I wuv you Nietzsche) Young, waxes his mind with the idea that we should use theology for a mental workout and chuckle. (Nope, nothing superior and condescending about that at all.) Here is his brilliant brain wave in his epistle called Why worry about theology?

In short, theology might be false, but it gives the brain a good workout, regardless of its truth or usefulness. It can amuse and entertain in a civilised way, without anyone having to believe that it can describe the rapture, or the nature of the Lord’s transcendent temporality.

I can’t wait for more.

Ben Birchall is suffering guilt for deleting some of the endless spam from the activist fringe group called Getup. Not the kind of guilt that normal people suffer when they do something wrong where they try to hide their shame. Rather this is very public kind of guilt that spills all over his Twitter pages and ends up with it being something that is a Drum worthy essay called “My GetUp has got up and gone“.

“Am I the only one who automatically deletes GetUp emails? Has my soul finally died?”

He Twits then writes about his Twits and the twitty replies he receives from his fellow Twits who all come across like employees at an inertia factory.

“I was relieved to not be alone in my soullessness. But also disappointed not to be alone.”

As Brother Ben, alias @benbirchall, adds his stunning heartfelt conclusion you can certainly feel his half-assed pain.

“GetUp’s arrival was a breath of fresh air on the political landscape. It might be our fault, but it seems to have gone stale.”

Then again, it could be that ‘Getup’ are nothing more than a bunch of boring activists and Twits bore easily.

I know it is not fair to quote a person twice in one week but how can I resist when Damon (I wuv you Nietzsche) Young is the gift that just keeps giving.

In “Sympathy for the devil” he just cannot hold back o his love of Satan as the hero for “free-thinking folk” everywhere. Here he pays out on the Bible:

But the Bible is a poor handbook for life – at times poetic or penetrating, at times bigoted, misogynistic, myopic. To raise children to worship this one book as sacred, above all others, is to deprive them of over two millenniums of beautiful, moving and profound writing; to rob them of their cultural birthright, by teaching them to treat literary treasure as fool’s gold.”

So children these days don’t know what a library is?

Damon Young is an Australian philosopher who wuvs Nietzsche.

Chris Berg argues for the legalization of drugs in “The decriminalisation (or even legalisation) of drugs“. Why? Because the criminalization of drugs was all about racism.

“…the current schedule of drugs in the Western world has been driven by politics, expediency, prejudice, and sometimes outright racism.”

What a relief it was to learn that piece of history that has been hidden from us for 100 years. I feel so much better about seeing people OD on heroin already. As long as they OD with equality that is.

Honourable mention goes to Melanie Poole who can definitely convince herself that black is indeed white in mind numbingly contorted title “Safe abortion: a ‘pro-life’ cause worth fighting for“. Her, big on rage small on facts, essay has just too many errors to correct. However her killer line (no pun intended) is this:

“The reality is that anti-abortion campaigning does not save lives. What it does do is promote unsafe abortion.”

And anti theft campaigns promote unsafe theft;

Just as anti speeding campaigns promote unsafe speeding;

Anti murder campaigns promote unsafe murder. And should we always make murder “rare, legal and safe”. (Except for the victim)

Now that is a pro-life cause.”


Till next time. Your taxes at work at the ABC’s Drum.

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