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The ABC Drum’s Looney Fringe – The Easter Special

April 6, 2012

The ABC Drum’s Looney Fringe – The Easter Special


Easter come but once a year and with it comes the annual sneer fest from everyone who has axe to grind. Missing from this year is a contender for the most outlandish Christian Conspiracy Theory. Maybe all possible scenarios from the discovery of the ‘bones of Jesus’ to his ‘marriage and children’ have exhausted themselves with over excitement. Maybe there is no market this year for a regurgitation of the Gay Christ or even the one who faked his own death. Perhaps having once discredited yourself with tabloid stories of a hidden pro radical feminist book of the Bible you might be a shy of the public attention. Stay tune for next year’s amazing attention grabber for the brain dead. Will it be ‘Christ had an abortion?’


Welcome to Easter 2012.

Immortal quotes:


Damon Young – The self described atheist philosopher

Damon (I wuv Nietzsche) Young is a gift that keeps on giving. In his Easter epistle called ‘Infinite debt of a Christian faith’ he tries to explain why his belief system is superior another belief system:

“But as far as we can tell, there is no god – no debt, no trial, no judgement. Christians are in spiritual arrears, without there being a creditor to pay off.”

And why is Christianity wrong?

“Christianity is like a robber who steals one’s cash, then lends it back to at high interest. Ironic, given the traditional Christian wariness of usury.”

Judging by the way Damon pontificates if they ever have a national philosopher’s strike no one would notice.


Ben Pobjie – Self described ‘writer, comedian and poet with no journalistic qualifications whatsoever.’

I am tempted to add that I totally agree with his self assessment but let’s give this fellow a chance.

In his Easter side slapped called ‘There’s more to Easter than bunnies and bitchin” Ben proves why he has no qualifications at comedy.

 ‘…if we imagine God as our next-door neighbour, who invites us over for dinner, then accuses us of trespassing, and to punish us, shoots his son in the head. That is, broadly speaking, the Easter message…’

But this was not a story about Easter but rather a sarcastic blast at all those that he does not like: Billionaires, mining magnates, politicians and celebrities, but not minor celebrities with ‘no qualifications’ in comedy, not on your life.

Then again I cannot help but quote more of Ben Pobjie own proudly displayed profile:  

‘A regular on ABC radio, Triple R and 2SER, he has been described as “puerile and bigoted” by Miranda Devine, and is currently engaged in a campaign to become Australia’s first Poet Laureate.’

What a delightful scamp. And what a great use of our tax dollars.


Let’s take a break from the Easter Sneer and delve into the paranoid world of Kelly Rigg.

Kelly Rigg – the Executive Director of the GCCA (Global Campaign for Climate Action).

In her story titled ‘Climate deniers jump on the ABC’s “dog bites man” story’ we get the impression that Kelly Rigg is a tad too defensive.

She opens with this wonderful piece of accusatory theatre:

I’ve just had had a fascinating up close and personal experience of the echo chamber that is climate science denial in action, and a glimpse into Australia’s merchants of doubt.

Echo Chamber’? ‘Merchants of Doubt’? Do people actually think like this?

Kelly is really upset that the ABC program called ‘The World Today’ dared point out the bleeding obvious. Namely that her organization the GCCA was found to have emailed out an ‘Action Pack’ to hundreds of its support groups warning them to ‘put aside the cautious language in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and warn that climate change poses a greater threat than fires or earthquakes’

Kelly Rigg’s response is utter denial in a very preachy post about how her activist cause is correct where she honestly believes that:
‘ABC decided to shoot the messenger’

Only near the end of her essay does she give some very memorial quotes:

‘The ABC sought a comment from Tim Wilson of the Institute of Public Affairs, a right-wing think tank which I’ve since learned is Australia’s version of the Heartland Institute – a lobby group with ties to polluting industries and free-market ideologues.’

And… ‘Publishing his remark, which was so off-base I have to wonder if he had actually read the document, was like waving a chequered start flag to set the rest of the deniersphere in motion.’

Deniersphere?’ I think I just found the paranoid word of the day.

Kelly complains about how it is the fault of the ABC that The Australian news paper also followed the story where:

‘The GCCA was characterised as a “lobby group” (we’re not)’,

Actually they are a lobby group of activist organizations.

The story then spread across the denier blogs like the twilight barking chain in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians,’

I just love imagery of the above quote.

‘Once these icons of the deniersphere had posted, it didn’t take long for the rest to follow suit,’

I just get the impression that Kelly Rigg is not comfortable with people disagreeing with her. I look forward to her animated writing style in the future.


Till next time have a Happy Easter.

Deniersphere? Hehehe….


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