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The blind man Chen can see what the USA refuses to even look at

May 13, 2012

The blind man Chen can see what the USA refuses to even look at



I have the deepest suspicion that had Chen Guangcheng is somewhat of an embarrassment to the Obama administration. Had he been your regular wet liberal protester crying about the plight of Pandas then he would be easy for them to embrace. Instead we have a man who sits at odds with the Obama and Hillary Clinton deep ideological love of protecting the abortion industry. Not merely protecting the industry by through a series of newer regulations of ObamaCare they are seeking to guarantee it future market expansion. Currently the Obama administration has been fighting with religious employers to mandate that they must pay health insurance that covers abortions. Despite the obvious violation of freedom conscience the Obama administration has fought tooth and nail to impose their ideological will upon the institutions and opponents of abortion. For some it is like the forced bloodying of hands in order to make everyone complicit in the abortion crime.


How embarrassing is it when Chen Guangcheng escaped from his house arrest and to seek protection within the US embassy in China? Extremely embarrassing.


Chen represents much more than just another Chinese dissident. Blind as he is, he has built up a portfolio of activism that has shamed and embarrassed the Chinese Communist Party and its ruthless ‘One Child Policy.’ In 2005 he exposed that thousands of forced abortions were taking place in the province of Shandong. He filed a class action in the courts that brought international attention to practice. Following the case Chen was arrested and thrown into prison on trumped up charges. In 2007 the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Finally Chen was released from prison in 2010 after and then placed under house arrest.


So far Chen has done little more than highlight the illegal and brutal human rights abuses of Chinese Communist Party officials. However in China this still seems to be a crime in itself.


Before Chen escaped his house arrest and sought refuge in the Chinese US Embassy Hillary Clinton was happy to mouth ineffective requests for his release but little more. Yet when he was in their embassy he was the diplomatic problem that needed to be quashed. Gone was any talk about human rights, his activism or the forced abortions that he had fought to stop. There was moral stance to protect him or his family from Chinese Communist Party retribution.


For now it seems that Chen has slowly becomes a passing PR crisis for the Obama administration. The Chinese have also tried to play down the crisis by stating that Chen is free to apply for study in the USA. All sides look as if they want to hide the embarrassing issues of the one child policy and the forced abortions that it enforced. Unfortunately this only highlights how unimportant Chinese Communist Party human rights abuses are to the Obama administration.


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