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Larry Pickering’s blog site now suspended – Hell hath no fury like a PM scorned.

August 19, 2012

As of today the Larry Pickering called has been suspended by its host.

“This account has been suspended, please contact us.”

Is this a result of lawyers acting on the behalf of Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard?

Larry Pickering was presenting a series of articles referring to Ms Gillard’s previous boyfriend who was involved in fraud.  Pickering goes further than most journalists in Australia have dare by question what involvement PM Gillard had at that time.


Update:  Another possible explanation is that the Pickering site has been shut down by its  host due to deal with a sudden burst of unexpected traffic.

Update from Larry Pickering’s Facebook page: “ has been consistently attacked via a DDoS for the past few days. We are now getting a “suspended” notice.”

There you go – a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack has brought the Pickering Post to a grinding halt.

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