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Dr Brian Senewiratne gets deported from Singapore

December 18, 2012

News is just coming in that controversial figure Dr Brian Senewiratne has be deported from Singapore.

Brian Senewiratne who is described as a Tamil Rights Activist was detained at Changi airport on Friday was trying to make his was Malaysia, to deliver  talks about Sri Lankan boat people.  He claims that he was detained for 5 hours and then sent back to Australia.

The link below has a recording of an interview with Brian Senewiratne:

The interview sheds very little light on the official reason as to why he was deported.  Brian Senewiratne accuses the the Malayasian government being cahoots with the Sri lankan government and the Australian government.

In the interview Brian does admit that he has been deported from Malaysia before in 2008 when he was due to address a large audience of activist and NGO’s.  

However an Australian Foreign Affairs Department spokesperson says “We are aware of media reports that an Australian man was deported from Singapore. The man did not approach Australian consular officials for assistance before he was deported.”

Editorial Comment:
To call Dr Brian Senewiratne a human rights activist or aTamil rights activist is a bit of a stretch. Listening to his interview gives the impression of a person who is prone to emotional dramatics more than factual reporting.
On his own blog site Brian identifies himself as a senator in the TGTE (Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam).
Brian also identifies himself as a member of the Socialist Alliance (DSP, Green Left Weekly etc).  In fact the SA falls under the DSP who have run a pretty hostile set of extreme left wing front organizations.
Some of the titles that Brian uses for his opinions pieces include:

Sri Lanka: Tamil oppression worsens despite war’s end

Genocide in Sri Lanka while Australia looks on

Sri Lanka: A war on Tamils

Sri Lanka: Genocide of the Tamil minority

In his interview with ABC Radio Brian explained the reason for his trip was to meet with other people to assert that Sri Lankan boat people were result of push factors in Sri Lanka. (ie: the oppressive regime is the problem theory not greed). This was to take place whilst Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka are trying to stop the people smuggling racket.


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