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Is Lee Rhiannon little more than a mouth piece for LTTE propaganda?

December 23, 2012

Is Lee Rhiannon little more than a mouth piece for LTTE propaganda?

Lee Rhiannon standing in front of a map of Tamil Eelam as she delivers a speech.

Lee Rhiannon rants for ‘Heroes Day’

Senator Lee Rhiannon is either delusional or intentionally lying when on 27 November she gave a speech to commemorate ‘Maaveerar Naal’, which otherwise known as ‘Heroes Day’. To be clear about what ‘Maaveerar Naal’ celebrates it is the creation of the LTTE set aside to celebrate their war dead. Special attention is given to glorify the ‘Black Tiger’ suicide bombers. As is often shown in ‘Heroes Day’ celebration children are dressed up in LTTE uniforms and as ‘Black Tigers’ to show their commitment to fighting the separatist civil war in Sri Lanka. The other practical purposes for ‘Maaveerar Naal’ are a propaganda and fundraising event to feed the war chests of the LTTE terrorist organization. How this event was able to operate in this manner under the noses of authorities is a scandal.

Heroes Day celebrations featuring war grave and LTTE flags Source: Tamil Guardian


Lee Rhiannon wasted little time in her speech fudging figures and quoting shaky sources of information to argue the case against border protection.

 ‘The Australian government and opposition’s discriminatory views and actions towards Tamil asylum seekers who do manage to make the dangerous journey here is shameful’

Yet it is her next paragraph where Lee becomes truly delusional when ignores all evidence and accuses the Sri Lankan government of orchestration the assassination of the LTTE agent Nadarajah, alias Parithi. In reality Parithi was a well know head of the Paris wing of the LTTE who was just before his assassination involved in a power struggle with other LTTE operatives in Paris. Most likely he was killed by the Vinayagam faction of the LTTE. To be honest there is no reason to cry over Parithi’s death as he was a trained terrorist and had participated in a number of terrorist actions including the slaughter of dozens of Buddhist monks at the Sri Maha Bodhi (temple of the sacred Bodhi Tree) in 1985. This was an extremely gruesome day of terrorism that left 146 civilians dead in one attack. Remarkably, but possibly through ignorance, Lee Rhiannon failed to mention Parith’s past. Yet she does call upon the death of this war criminal as a time to investigate Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes.

From celebrating a terrorist to elastic mathematics quotes figures that she has no way of substantiating.

  • UN estimate 8000 (actually the figure quoted by the UN was a guess from about 7000)
  • Gordon Weiss estimate 40,000 (which was revised down to 10,000 when he published his book ‘The Cage’)
  • Charles Petrie’s leaked report of 70,000 unaccounted for. (‘Unaccounted for’ is vastly different that estimated killed. Here she is comparing apple with oranges)
  • Sam Pari’s highly imaginative figure of 146,679 killed.(Finally we have the discredited spokes person for the Australian Tamil Congress Dr Sam Pari who is a signed up member of the LTTE. I am surprised that he is still around after her LTTE membership forms were released to the public.)

Without hesitation Lee Rhiannon is willing to accept the LTTE produced 146,000+ figure.

The speech made by Lee Rhiannon appears to have made no effort to research anything other than pro-LTTE sources for her evidence. Her enemy’s hit list is identical to those that are quoted on Tamilnet. Lee even goes so far as to honour the Tamilnet journalists as part of the ‘Maaveerar Naal’ celebrations. Without evidence Palitha Kohona and Thisara Samarasinghe are accused of war crimes but Parithi is given all the honours of a true hero despite overwhelming evidence of his terrorist activity. Lee does cite the Report of the ‘Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka’ but I have read this document from cover to cover and nowhere does it accuse Kohona or Samarasinghe of war crimes. Again Lee wishes to push for a CHOGM boycott if it is held in Sri Lanka in 2013. (Good luck with that ever happening)


The Question of Lee Rhiannon’s Motivation

It would be easy to go on all day about the many useless activist causes that Lee Rhiannon is willing to lend her name to, such as the failed and discredited BDS campaign against Israel, but this would fill pages. In short Lee Rhiannon is the daughter of infamous Stalinists of the CPA (Communist Party of Australia). Her career up until the 1990’s centred around the pro Soviet CPA. She even travelled to the Soviet Union to be instructed at Lenin School in a diploma of revolution. To date Lee refuses to say whether the Soviet Union paid for her trip and continues to avoid questions about her pro Soviet activities.

It is not surprising that after the collapse of the Soviet Union that the CPA was disbanded. For a large part many of the old communists became what are known as ‘Watermelons’. That is people who attach themselves to ‘green’ environmental causes as a way of political survival but, are essentially only interested in the ‘red’ agenda. Hence we have the term ‘Watermelon’ being ‘green’ on the outside but ‘red’ through to the core.

For many Sri Lankans, who are unaware of Lee Rhiannon’s close association with the CPA and it blind support for the totalitarian Soviet regime, the Senator makes little sense. However the revolutionary ideal of Marxism does match the armed revolutionary ideals of many separatist causes including the LTTE. That is they share a common ideological goal of gaining utopia through revolution.

The speeches made by Lee Rhiannon must be taken with her credibility in mind. In all her words about Sri Lanka there is scant of criticism of Prabhakaran, Black Tigers, Child Soldiers and terrorist actions by the LTTE.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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