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Has the Human Rights Law Centre Sold Out? And the Dr Sam Pari scandal continues.

March 3, 2013

Has the Human Rights Law Centre Sold Out? And the Dr Sam Pari scandal continues.

Dr Sam Pari alias Sampavi as on her LTTE membership form

The Human Rights Law Centre in Melbourne and Sydney are sponsoring and event titled “Sri Lanka, Human Rights and Australia” hosted by King & Wood Mallesons.

Once upon a time, not so long ago after World War 2, ‘Human Rights’ actually stood for the something tangible. Hence the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafted by the United Nations was one the few clearly written and easily understood documents it has ever written. Some people may find the list inspirational in its prose, so inspiring that the words have been inscribed on the great pillar that holds up the centre of the High Court building in Colombo Sri Lanka.

For people who want to latch on to a fuzzy feel good term ‘Human Rights’ has morphed into type of religion. Now anything can suddenly become a human right if you think about it hard enough. It is not that we should sneer at every accusation or allegation of torture and murder but it does not mean that every person who calls themselves a ‘Human Rights activist’ is genuine either. In fact the very nature of ‘Human Rights’ defence has enormous moral force in the community and can sometimes be seen as unquestionably good. Is it any wonder that when bad people want to look good they do one of two things. Either they give charity (like the gangster Al Capone did) or they try associate themselves with a ‘human rights’ organization. Any ‘Human Rights’ organization will do so long as they can sugar coat their darker messages and questionable motives under a layer of sweet sounding platitudes.

Here is where the Human Rights Law Centre steps up and practically prostitutes itself to host a one sided talk fest of 100% Sri Lankan government critics. Frances Harrison, Dr Sam Pari, Bruce Haigh and Gordon Weiss are all known for the open hostility toward the Sri Lanka government somehow try to present themselves as the voice of reason in troubling times. Hosted by Mark Davis from SBS broadcasting.

Of the four panellists three can be seen as little more than professional activists who have their own axes to grind. (Bruce Haigh we are informed cannot make it to the Melbourne event.) However there is a real threat that this so called ‘Human Rights Event’ has already been infiltrated by an LTTE member who will use this as a platform to spread LTTE terrorist propaganda.

The direct link to the LTTE comes from Dr Sam Pari whose hand written and signed LTTE membership forms and photo’s were published on this site several months ago. The information about Dr Sami Pari’s LTTE membership has been in the public domain for months as any search of her name on Google will reveal.

In her own hand writing, signed and dated with the alias Sampavi

The scandal of handing over a ‘human rights’ event to a signed up member of the LTTE requires more than naivety to be make it possible. It requires wilful ignorance of Olympic proportions. By sitting on the same panel Bruce Haigh, Gordon Wiess and Francis Harrison may now be associated as working with LTTE propagandists. Such associations destroy what little credibility they may have had left. Dr Sam Pari’s reputation was destroyed when the LTTE membership forms she signed in 2004 fell into the public domain. If knowing this Bruce, Gordon and Francis still choose sit on the panel then they will do no favours for their own reputations.

Ego feeding: 1

Credibility : 0

Editorial Note:

I am surprised than Dr Sam Pari has not been questioned by the Australian authorities about he alleged connection with a terrorist organization.

I am not so surprised that Australian ‘Human Rights Law Centre’ are running this event. A quick perusal of their website pretty much sums up their view of ‘Human Rights’ should be:

Of the inner city elites, by the inner city elites and for the inner city elites

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  1. March 3, 2013 4:40 am

    The Australian Government (especially the Labor Party) has supported the LTTE since the war began. So have academics in various Australian universities. So has the British Labour Party. Hence the failure of our police and judiciary to take action against the bosses of the LTTE, who continue to operate from Australia with impunity. The most recent Channel 4 propaganda exercise (organized by the so-called ‘Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, or TGTE) confirms that the propaganda machine of the Tamil Tigers remains active in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia, and continues to be a threat to truth and justice..


    • March 3, 2013 8:39 am

      Thanks for your comments.
      Certainly I would agree that some individuals in the ALP have sided with the pro LTTE lobbies. However it does not appear to be entire party. Previous PM Kevin Rudd did put a hold processing cases from Sri Lanka for some time. I personally know one Sri Lankan politician at the state level who will have nothing to with the LTTE and its groupies.
      If we are talking about the Australian Green then I would totally agree. They are bending over backwards to for the LTTE groupies.
      It concerns me that the Austalian Law authorities are ignoring LTTE terrorist front organizations. I suspect we will ay a heavy price for this in the future.
      Diplomatically the LTTE leftovers and its fan clubs seem to have very little influence.
      Noise does not always equate to power.


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