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Are we living in Terrorism Denial? Boston Marathon Bombing

April 21, 2013

Are we living in Terrorism Denial? Boston Marathon Bombing

It s possible that prior to the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon Bombing in April 2013 that the western world was living in the belief that we were safe from terrorism. The 2 pressure-cooker bombs that injured over 170 and killed 3 was a shocking wakeup call to vigilance. The reality that terrorism can kill innocent civilians, including a small boy who only wanted to see his father finish the race, appeared to be last thing on some people’s minds. Worse we have a situation where certain voices in the media have tried to diminish the pain and damage done by such a heinous act by drawing comparisons with terrorist actions elsewhere in the world.

Even before the suspects were identified there was a reluctance to say that this was a terrorist attack. Even President Obama avoided the ‘T – word’ when he addressed media interview. Fingers pointed in every direction except the most obvious. It was a bombing targeted at civilians with two separate explosions timed to go off to inflict the maximum human carnage. There was little doubt that despite the low death toll this was not some mere grudge of a lone wolf. The explosive device itself was found to be a kitchen pressure-cooker loaded with explosives matching the suggestions of a 2010 issue of the al-Qaida magazine called ‘Inspire’. Top of the list of suspects should have been radicalized Islamists. However in the scramble for political correctness talk of terrorism was conveniently ignored wild suggestion that it could be Tea Party style rightwing extremists to leftwing university students.

The reality is that the two brothers who committed this atrocity, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , are connected to radicalized Islamist movements. Information is just coming to light that as far back as 2011 that the FBI was monitoring the Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s emails, travel records and Internet traffic. At the time the FBI ceased investigating after they found nothing untoward about the family. By 2013 the 26 year old Tamerlan was running a YouTube site linked to radical Islamists and had become, with his brother, the very model of modern terrorist. Planting bombs, executing a police officer and engaging in a major gun battle with the law. As a result Tamerlan was killed but Dzkokhar was captured alive some hours later.

The ramification of how these two became radicalized under the noses of the authorities goes far beyond this single attack. Despite being investigated by the FBI the two brothers planned and executed a deadly operation. The question is: How many others are like them?


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