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Australian Prime Minister Gillard is being investigated by Police

April 25, 2013

Radio Presenter Ben Fordam has confirnmed that the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is being investigated over allegation of fraud.

The police have asked Ben Fordam to make a statement to police over a interview he had with the Prime Minister several months ago where she denied that she was being investigated.

It has now been revealed to Ben by the police that the Prime Mnister was in fact being investigated and is being treated as one of the three prime suspects in the fraud.  Forensic accounting investigation is being used to determine what, if any, involvement PM Gillard may have had in the fraud.

You can listed to the radio presentation on the links below:

Editorial Comment:

Several journalist have lost their jobs for even raising this matter and others have been warned not to persue it.

PM Gillard may well be innocent but her heavy handed smack down of anyone who raises this story indicates a raw nerve.

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  1. April 25, 2013 9:58 am

    On her first day at school, Julia was asked why she was wearing pants. Her first answer was I’m a lesbian. Questioned again she said Dad wore one of mum’s dresses to work. Questioned again she said do you know of anyone who would like to see me naked?


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