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Tony Windsor’s brilliant idea on Gay Marriage creates amoral panic

April 29, 2013

Tony Windsor’s brilliant idea on Gay Marriage creates amoral panic

Here is a brilliant idea. Why not let the people who elect us decide the matter?

Elitism is one of those ugly forms of soft totalitarianism that hides behind a thin veil of sanctimony. It is at best a form snobbery that demands to tell others what is good for them but often it is little more empty rhetoric about equality by people who think that some are more intellectually equal than others. Who needs popular support for a radical idea when you think that most people are not a smart as you are? Not only are they not as smart as you, they cannot even be trusted make decisions by themselves because they are: easily lead, dim-witted and too stupid to understand what their intellectual betters decide for them. Therefore any popular vote on a controversial subject cannot be trusted to the majority of people and must be made by a tiny clique of activists.

This is the kind of arrogant nonsense that many of the so called “Marriage Equality” movement are prone to embrace. They would much rather use pressure on individual politicians than ever let the people of Australia decide the issue. They presume that because they alone have absolutely embraced an activist issue, those that oppose the campaign are absolutely wrong. If the majority of Australians do not support their noisy unrepresentative campaign then the majority of Australians cannot be trusted to make that decision.

A day ago independent parliamentarian Tony Windsor made a sensible suggestion over the whole “Gay marriage” debate. Rather than leave such huge and potentially dramatic social experiment to a small number of politicians why not let the people of Australia decide in a Federal referendum. His suggestion made perfect sense and would confirm or dispel any pretence that there was a popular ground swell of support for “Gay Marriage”.

Despite the fact that there has been a long and sustained activist campaign through the media there is little evidence that this is being driven by anything other than tiny groups of activists. Fairfax Media and ABC Broadcasting may have both given unquestioning support to the concept but they are not the voice of the people. In fact the boorish ABC program called Q&A has featured a question on legalising “Gay Marriage” on every episode for over a year. The ABC Drum website regularly features opinion pieces calling for the legalization of “Gay Marriage”. Decent on this issue is very rare and if ever made it is always condemned. Some activists were already trying to claim that legalization is inevitable. So long as they only had to lobby, browbeat and publicly humiliate politicians who did not tow their activist line then they had reason to believe that victory was just a PR push away. In other words, as long as they did not have to present their crazy unrepresentative activist driven campaign to the electorate they had hope. In a shock move Tony Windsor dropped a giant spanner into the activist campaign machine by suggesting that the voters of Australia should actually have a say over this matter.

In was enough to make Rodney Croome, the national director of Australian Marriage Equality, to leap into action. In a surreal understanding of the universe Rodney penned and article called “Why a referendum on gay marriage is a bad idea“. In it he argues against a referendum because amongst other reasons he fears that:

“Overseas referenda on marriage equality have been exploited by cashed-up, anti-gay groups to conduct fear and hate campaigns against gay people”


“An Australian referendum would give anti-gay stalwarts such as Fred Nile the biggest megaphone they have ever had.”

He also cites research and that claims that referendums make gay people suicidal. (Who would have thought that not getting your own way was so dangerous? Who would have thought that one derivative study based upon self reporting would be so influential? Or not?)

Yet Rodney’s true fear is that his activist campaign will be rejected:

“If you think a referendum is a quick, easy and painless way to achieve marriage equality then you’re dreaming.”

The Australia Greens, who have also campaign in favour of “Same Sex Marriage”, also want to bury the referendum preferring instead to rely upon a conscience vote in the parliament.

Government Minister Penny Wong told Sky News that a plebiscite would be a “very high bar to jump”.

“My view is the parliament has a responsibility and will one day discharge that responsibility,”

So it seems that the whole idea of consulting the Australian people on the issue of “Gay Marriage” is so frightening because it would show what actual support it has in the community.

Editorial Comment:

Q: What is elitism?

A: Totalitarianism mixed with snobbery.

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