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Is ousted PM Julia Gillard a classic example of the failure of the “Emily’s List” agenda?

June 27, 2013

Is ousted PM Julia Gillard a classic example of the failure of the “Emily’s List” agenda?

It was the fault of the blue ties

Blue Ties are evil

If you want a clear example of why Julia Gillard was unsuitable for the high office of Prime Minister of Australia you need only watch her launch of ‘Women for Gillard’ speech. No dubbed the ‘Blue tie/Abortion speech’ by former ALP power broker Graham Richardson. The speech instantly became parody material as Gillard blurts out this kind of dribble:

“I invite you to imagine it. A prime minister – a man in a blue tie – who goes on holidays to be replaced by a man in a blue tie.

A treasurer, who delivers a budget wearing a blue tie, to be supported by a finance minister – another man in a blue tie.

Women once again banished from the centre of Australia’s political life.”

After harping on about the horrors that await in this male dominated dystopia, Gillard makes her stab at what she deems is the opposition leader Tony Abbott’s weakest point:

“Finally but very importantly, we don’t want to live in an Australia where abortion again becomes the political plaything of men who think they know better”

Oh the horror. Someone may actually disagree with her on this controversial subject. How dare anyone not totally fall in behind what she has decided is the right thing?

The reality is that despite the legal avenues being open for abortion in Australia the community (both men and women) are divided over whether it is right are wrong. However in the Gillard universe she saw nothing hypocritical or presumptuous about her statement. Hypocritical because it was Ms Gillard herself who now raised the issue for political gain and it was presumptuous for her claim that only men would be against the current liberal laws on abortion.

Nothing in her speech was said by accident. It was a deliberate attempt to play to the hard-core feminists: the kind of middle class feminists who hold men in contempt; complain endlessly about glass ceilings; are always socialists and consider abortions as a female sacrament.

Needless to say this kind of radical feminism can only survive on a theoretical plane where there are no consequences for the errors of their ways. They want gender based quotas for all professions but do not consider that incompetent people may be given roles merely to fill quotas. They want to redefine the language to remove all hints of what they term as ‘gender bias’ but fail to work out how convolutedly comical their alternatives sound (‘person hole’ indeed). They want abortion on demand but never want to consider the possibility that they are killing another human being. They also want to play the victim card but never considered it as sacrificing pride and self respect. This is the mantra of the dinosaur feminist. A left over from the 1970s that has not yet realized that communism and socialism imploded in 1990 and their utopian dream is never going to happen.

The agendas of such feminists is so extreme, so outside the views of mainstream thinking, that they can never achieve their goals through popularity. Instead they must rely upon key people in key positions to give them what they want through a mixture of government department regulation and legal loopholes. The ultimate goal is to have someone in a position of authority who will force their manifesto upon a resistant society.

Emily’s List to the Rescue

The Emily’s List is one such organization of angry, power hungry feminists who are bent on socially engineering. The letters Emily are taken from the motto “Early Money is Like Yeast (It makes the dough rise”) and was founded by the editor in Chief of MS magazine Ellen Malcolm. Its purpose was to financially support female candidates who will support their worldview.

Far from being a self made millionaire Ellen Malcolm had inherited her vast wealth from IBM stock that her family owned. As a result of this wealth Ellen set up Emily’s list to kick-start female political novices who match her own ideological agenda. This agenda can be found on the ‘What we believe’ page on their website. Here you will find the usual platitudes about equality, childcare, equal pay, diversity and choice. However it is in the fine print of two points where we find true nature.

‘Equality’ is defined as ‘the right of every woman to enjoy equal rights and privileges before the law, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.’

‘Choice’ – ‘…We believe women must have control over their own bodies and choices in their lives.
Reproductive Freedom empowers women and men to choose if, when and how to begin the important journey into parenthood, without fear of discrimination, coercion or violence.’

In other words they have a clearly stipulated pro-abortion agenda.

To drive home the point Emily’s List has provided us with this delightful non sequitur by none other that is most famous member and US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: ‘Being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion. Being pro-choice is trusting the individual to make the right decision for herself and her family, and not entrusting that decision to anyone wearing the authority of government in any regard.’

Thus we have the self delusion that campaigning for something does not make you in favour of it. (I am not pro-murder, I just believe that murderers should be trusted to make decisions by themself and not be condemned by anyone wearing the authority of government in any regard)

If you want to see the influence of this unelected US based donor group then you need only look at who they have supported. The names include:

Penny Wong, Jenny Macklin, Tanya Plibersek and Julia Gillard. The list goes on. Even the titanically unpopular and incompetent former Victorian State Premier Joan Kirner is included as an ambassador for Emily’s List. (Apparently she was a mentor for Julia Gillard.)

According the website:

‘Prime Minister Gillard has been a long-term supporter of EMILY’s List, helping to write our original constitution and joining as a foundation member in 1997.  She delivered the Inaugural EMILY’s List Oration in 2011.’

It is all over Julia

The demise of Prime Minister Julia Gillard is being treated with absolute shock and horror by one prominent angry feminist Anne Summers. According to Ms Summers
“… it’s appalling that not only was she bullied out of office but now they’re not even going to give her the solace of being able to have her legacy recognised.”

What Summers’ is leave out of her story is telling. Julia Gillard ceased the job of Prime Minister from Kevin Rudd in 2009. Her Prime Ministership has been one of the most disastrous in living memory; as a result she has become one of the least popular Prime Ministers in Australian history and now the with an election due in a few months the ALP are facing one of the biggest landslide losses in Australian history. What part of incompetent does Ms Summer not understand?

Then again you can always read her oration for Emily’s List: “More Anger: The politics of Gender in Australia 2013″ (I can’t wait)

Note the blue tie

It appears that the Australian Labor Party have finally got it. Gillard is electoral poison. In a swift move the ALP Caucus has voted to reinstate Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. How he fairs in the upcoming election is anyone’s guess but he is a much safer bet than an Emily’s List loyalist.

The return of Chairman Rudd


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