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ABC Drum Loony Fringe Brain Spurts For September 2013

September 26, 2013

ABC Drum Loony Fringe Brain Spurts For September 2013


It has been a while since I have revisited the subject of the ABC on line opinion page called the Drum.

The recent federal election has a way de-motivating me to read its deep, deep, deep insights into all manner of sophistry (or is it sophism). Hence did I really want to read all about how ordinary people are closet misogynists? Or do I care to read how paid political spin doctors want to spin the election? Or do I really care about what the rank and file members of political party think about the rank and file of the other party? The answer is no. It is dull, boring and emotionally demanding to read electioneering dressed up as serious opinion and analysis.

Now that the election is over the Drum is settling back into its old pattern giving a platform to every crank who can find access to computer and an internet connection. As a result I am not calling for censorship of the Drum but rather preservation of its little bubble and brain spurs that fulfil some kind of need within the hearts of the un-needy.

So delve into the ABC version of Narnia where socialism is queen, Gay marriage and Global Warming are sacred dogma, Murdoch evil incarnate and clear thinking is not a prerequisite for critical thinking. This is alternative universe know as the Drum.


Green & Confused

Jonathon Green moved from his previous role at the leftwing online rag called Crikey to take control of the government paid leftwing online rag called the Drum. It seems that Jonathon is one of these confused types who wants everything and nothing to happen at the same time.

Back in June Green wrote the article “Australia’s political heartland: hate, fear, prejudice” where complains about the publicity over asylum seeker boats writing:

Without more sound and fury waged against the tide of boats and their fearsome cargo, the ALP would be ‘dead’ in western Sydney, clearly the heartland of national concern over questions of orderly migration.

However on September 26 2013 in article titled “Tony Abbott’s incredible disappearing act” he complain about the government silence over asylum boat arrivals.

Then this week this issue moved from the noisy clamour of opposition to the quiet whirr of industrious government. No daily updates, no eagerly set upon numbers around the steady flow of boat arrivals.

It is unclear as to which of these two alternative Jonathon Green thinks is the right one.


Pay your compulsory student fees David

According his own profile David M. Greenis a comedian, writer and low budget TV game show host’. (Heavenly) He rails against any possibility that compulsory student fees might be abolished. Why is this going to happen? According to David Green’s paranoia:

The Liberal Party’s motive couldn’t be more transparent. They want to crush the unions that typically support their political opponents in the ALP.

Drawing a comparison with the introduction of Voluntary Student Fees (VSU) in 2006 David describes such horrors as:

The on-campus second-hand book shop closed. The eateries in the cafeteria stopped offering a student discount, so prices went up. And the frequency of live music and free barbeques on campus went from every couple of weeks to just the one on O-Day.

How can the modern student cope without frequent live music and free barbeques?

Yet David has his sense of entitlement down to a fine art as he explain what other horrors await the future:

 RMITV Student Television, an organisation funded by RMIT University & the RMIT University Student Union. Rove and Hamish & Andy are among RMITV’s many notable alumni.

How will the world cope without union subsidized Student TV?


Rabid Ruby (Soho) Hamad

If the Drum ever bothered to do a background check on a pile of sanctimony called Ruby Hamad then they might have been reluctant to publish her rants. Her past great writing include ‘Seven things I learned from World Youth Day‘ which is pretty much and anti-catholic rant and her habit of accusing another of helping Hitler.

In her latest epistle called ‘Pope’s liberal words worthless without action‘ apparently Pope Francis has committed the sin of being too catholic. Shock and horror despite the poor reporting of the Popes words on ‘abortion, gay marriage and contraception‘ he had no intention of changing doctrine.

Ruby pretty much displays her whole attitude to value of human life and ethics:

Contraception, abortion, gay marriage. These are rights, not privileges.

Australian feminists have looked on in horror as abortion clinics closed across America,

…we face a battle of our own with the possible passing of the Zoe’s Law foetal personhood bill

In the revolutionary days of the 1960s, defiant women marched under banners seeking nothing less than “Abortion on demand and without apology”


I wonder if she has shares in an abortion clinic somewhere. Then again the article could have been headed as another anti-catholic rant by Ruby (Soho) Hamad.


Editorial comment:

Your taxes at work. Subsidizing crackpots by the truckload.


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