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Fatal asylum seeker boat sank 50 metres off Indonesian shore

September 30, 2013

After the media cycle exploded about the sinking of an asylum seeker boat that bound for Australia it appears that not all is as it seems.

The initial allegation from a survivor of the boat disaster is that they had tried desperately to call the Australian government authorities for rescue but were ignored.  The natural implication is that the Australian government callously disregarded calls for help and as a result people died.

The reality of what had actually occurred has just hit the headlines today with revelations that the boat sank only 50 meters from the Indonesian shore.

Reports indicate that the an emergency call was made by the asylum seeker crew but all attempts to find the boat on the high seas failed.

Despite claiming that the boat was disable it still managed to sail all the way back to within 50 meters of the Indonesian coast.

50 people including about 30 children are still missing believed drowned as a result of this disaster.

It is understood that the average price an asylum seeker pays for a place on a boat is $10,000.  Yet no one had though to take a $20 life jacket incase of disaster.

The wreckage is now spread across the beaches of Indonesia.


Editorial Comment:

It is really difficult to see where Australia is to blame in this disaster.

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