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Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon detained in Sri Lanka

November 11, 2013


Lee attending ‘Hero’s Day’ as she stands in front of the LTTE Eelam map

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon was detained in Sri Lanka for more than 3 hours on Sunday 10 November 2013.  Lee claims that she was on a fact-finding tour at the time.  She was destined just before she was due to hold a joint press conference with New Zealand MP Jan Logie.

The detention comes just a day before the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting which is due to be held in Sri Lanka.  Delegates from 52 nations are due to visit Colombo for the next 7 days.

Lee, who regularly accuses the Sri Lankan government of human rights abuses, has called the detention “unfortunate and foolish”.

Senator Rhiannon claims that Sri Lankan troops in the north were using Tamil women as “comfort women”.

Lee was also quoted as saying:

“CHOGM’s presence in Sri Lanka risks becoming an award for a regime accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity,”

The press conference was due to take place in the offices of the TNA opposition offices and was deemed by the government officials as a violation of her visa conditions.

Ref:  Senator held in Sri Lanka

Editorial Comment:

How on earth did Lee Rhiannon even get issued a visa in the first place?  That is the real scandal.

Lee has been host to any pro-LTTE activist that she can find and regularly pumps out the unfiltered propaganda.

In 2011 she was part of a campaign to stop sri Lanka host the CHOGM.

Lee has no hesitation in host people like the president of the LTTE front organisation BTF Professor/Dr/Fr Emmanuel in her own office.

Nor does Lee mind standing inform of LTTE drawn up maps of Eelam as she delivers her speeches.

The real scandal is why she was even given a visa.

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